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Russian Tatyana Kozhevnikovs is a unusual record holder: She can lift 14 kg with her intimate muscles!

Moscow proves the miracle with its vagina. The case is about Tatyana Kozhevnikova who is proud of her title. The holder of the strongest vagina in the world has proved she can lift 14kg kettle ball with her intimate muscles. The video where Tatyana demonstrates her skill has already become a hit not only in Internet.

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World’s strongest vagina

Tatyana Kozhevnikova can lift 14 kg with her intimate muscles. This is a Guinness Book record!

The great performance took place in the Komsomolskaya Pravda press centre. Tatyana lifted 3 kilo balls to the view of the audience, but not with her arms or legs, as you may think. She made it with her intimate muscles! Everything was quite decent.

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No more aging!

Every woman dreams of keeping beauty, charm and attractiveness for as long as possible. But to pursue this goal is not enough to pay attention only to appearance and body shaping trainings. Master-instructor of fitness-aerobics Tatyana Kozhevnikova believes that women can preserve youth and charm until old age owing to gymnastic exercises aimed at training the muscles of the reproductive system.

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Work your muscles

01.30.07 Tatyana Kozhevnikova presented her new book about intimate gymnastics.

Novosibirsk resident Tatyana Kozhevnikova has been recognized to be the only woman who can lift 14 kg with her intimate muscles (Guinness Record 2003). She released a book “Intimate gymnastics. Health program». This is 80- page brochure in edition of thousand copies about intimate muscles training. When I made my way to the presentation I thought there would be a lot of men, because the demonstration of these unusual skills was announced.

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