Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova


Trainings represent an accelerated course to learn the method. The main exercises and the method are taught during the training.

Trainings are conducted on average during 3 days, 4-5 hours a day.

Tatyana conducts the following trainings:

Intimate gymnastics. Female charm (for women) Intimate gymnastics. Male charm (for men) Yin Yang (pair work) Training for shorts or ideal buttocks in 5 days

For women: you will have to buy special equipment for the trainings (a wooden egg, or a jade egg with a ribbon which holds the weight). You should cover the egg with a condom, better if it is meant for ultrasound investigation.

If you use an ordinary condom, then you will have to remove oil from it with a wet napkin. After that put on a fingerstall and insert the egg into the vagina as if it is a tampon.

Uniform: comfortable sportswear with a little hole in the perineum area (for women).

The cost of trainings:

For professionals using the patented method of Tatyana Kozhevnikova:

Duration: foundation course 18 hours

  • 3-day training for women
    Cost: contact for further info
    Duration: 12 hours (3 days, 4-5 hours)

  • 3-day training for men (individually or in VIP-group of 2-3 people)
    Cost: contact for further info

  • Pair training (3 days)
    Cost: contact for further info
    Duration: 12-15 hours

Individual consultation:

Group trainings «Intim-fitness»

Duration: 8 lessons
Individual lessons (depending on the program).