Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Program of teaching with issue of certificates

Program of teaching according to the author method of Tatiana Kozhevnikova is made in view of physical capabilities and abilities of participants and also taking into account participants desire to use their got knowledge in practice including teaching and conducting trainings.

Advantage and distinction of Tatiana Kozhevnikova's method is that it consists of exercises for building of nice body in particular: exercises for buttocks, hips, abdominal and back muscles and training of intimate muscles.

Multilevel teaching program is for all those who wish, come of 18 years, without serious chronic diseases, firm and patient in achievement their objects of self-perfection and teaching other interested people.

There are the following programs of teaching:

1. Individual teaching - the most effective way to get necessary knowledge and achieve desired outcome. All necessary theoretical and practical information you get at individual sessions which are conducted by the master and the author of the method Tatiana Kozhevnikova. This is the quickest, effective and pleasant way to achieve the goal. The program consists of physical exercises, meditation practices, secrets of intimacy with a partner. In detail:

2. Group teaching - this format is good that you can study in a general group of participants in any city where there is the training. After every day of the training you can get individual advice and answering all your questions from Tatiana Kozhevnikova. The training consists of the general theoretical and practical courses. Note, after every day of the training (3 days per 4 hours) Tatiana Kozhevnikova additionally and individually teaches you theory and practice (every day per 2 hours). This form of teaching is good that you can get an advice from the author and discuss fulfillment of exercises with other participants. In detail:

3. Distance teaching - by means of the Internet (web-camera and "Skype" program), audio and video materials are attached also. This format is for those who has no opportunity to study individually or in a group. You can also get all necessary theoretical and practical knowledge fro fulfillment of exercises. The trainer will show you exercises which you fulfill independently. The uniqueness of this mean of teaching is that you can fulfill physical exercises under the master's control. The program consists of physical exercises , meditation practices, secrets of intimacy with a partner. In detail:

The program consists of 4 stages of teaching:

After 1,2,3, and 4 stages who successfully finished the teaching and training GET THE RIGHT for conducting individual and group sessions under leadership of Tatiana Kozhevnikova.

After finishing the teaching everybody gets the CERTIFICATE valid in your country and confirming your right for conduction individual and group sessions.

After finishing total course( 4 levels) persons, who successfully finished teaching and training GET THE RIGHT for conducting individual and group sessions and training: "Intimate gymnastics. Woman's charm." in one of the branches of Tatiana Kozhevnikova's school.

Persons, who finished total course of teaching (4 levels) and got the Certificate get the right to study for getting of INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE valid as in your country as all over the world.

The Certificate is issued with a personal number.

Quantity hours of teaching:

1 level - 12-15 hours( practice and theory)
2 level - 12 hours
3 level - 15 hours
4 level - 18 hours

International Certificate - teaching for 12 hours

Teaching price is constant for any form of study, but terms of payment and price are agreed with everybody individually.

Terms of payment and registration for study:

Details for the wire transfer

42301840700090000001 асс.№3588126 with Novosibirsk Municipal Bank, Novosibirsk, Russia Beneficiary: асс. 30109840500200000003 with Municipal Bank of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk, Russia
Bank Beneficiary: асс. 4008880932/00 with Bank Levoberezhny, Novosibirsk, Russia SWIFT LEVBRU55

Payment shall be made via Western Union, you should give the following data:

the name: Tatyana Kozhevnikova and the country: Russia

After the payment has been made, text to Tatyana your payment number.

skype: intimfitness1