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“Recover from Childbirth? That’s Easy!”

Delightful cries from your relatives are over, the flowers that the happy father of your baby gave you, when you left maternity hospital had faded a long time ago. Routine days started, you keep rushing like a hamster in a spinning wheel, but still can’t do anything right in time, you especially have no time for yourself. Your body does not look as attractive as before the childbirth, your sex drive took a backseat, and it seems you started forgetting when was the last time you felt pleasure. What is happening? How do you come back to feeling wanted and beautiful, return into good shape, feel the burst of energy and the joy of life? How to recovery after birth?

First of all, you need to recover your endocrine profile. It is known that it changes drastically after recovering from childbirth. A decrease in the level of estrogen and progesterone, the grown amount of prolactin in blood reduces sex drive, affects mood. Endocrine profile disorder especially influences metabolic processes in a woman’s organism, as well as her mood, which often leads to post-natal stress. My unique method based on stabilizing the hormonal and psycho-emotional state, as well as strengthening intimate muscles will help you regain balance.

Having a child is one of the most amazing experiences that a woman can go through in her life. Being called a mother and delivering someone that she has kept inside for nine months, is something that every woman wishes for. While having a child is important, a special plan aimed at recovery after birth is equally important. A plan that would improve the mental and physical strength of the woman. Childbirth is a draining affair for the mother, both physiologically and physically. Postnatal depression and fitness issues are two of the many problems that a woman, in particular, goes through. Hence, a postpartum recovery plan becomes ever so necessary. So, what aspects should the plan cover that would help a woman in recovering from childbirth? Intimfitness is offering the best recovery after childbirth training program that would not only compose a woman but also make her beautiful and attractive again. First of all, it is essential that a woman is able to stabilize her hormonal misbalance. This is the vital initial step on the road to childbirth recovery. After having a child, the hormonal circle of the woman becomes highly unstable which affects her mood and her need for sex. The recovering from birth program formulated by Tatyana Kozhevnikova on her website, is aimed at resolving endocrine profile disorder which helps in bettering the metabolism system and subsequently making her sexually hungry. Secondly, the biggest issue that women, that desire recovery after pregnancy have is that their body is no longer as perfect as it used to be. Birthmarks, hanging of the skin and weak muscles, all add up to make a woman unattractive. For resolving these matters, intimfitness has added special exercises to the training program. The exercises would strengthen the muscles of the women and at the same time, return her gorgeous looks back to her. Her skin would begin to tighten and she would get the much-needed boost to her physical fitness.

Dear women! I invite you to my training “How to Quickly Recover After Childbirth”! This is the training for you, moms who so much want to feel desired and attractive again, full of energy and love for themselves and their life!

You will learn to do special exercises for strengthening the muscles and ligaments that support the womb. My method will help you stabilize the function of adrenal glands and ovaries, which control the production of various hormones, especially adrenaline and estrogen. The former gives a powerful uplift of energy. And stabilizing the ovarian function and an increase of estrogen level will wake up your desire, sex drive towards the man you love. Later, during sex you’ll feel unprecedented sensitivity, your orgasm will get richer, and your man will start wanting you even more than before childbirth! You will have enough time for everything: your baby, your man, shopping, because you will have recovered your endocrine profile to the condition you had in your youth!

Thanks to physical exercises, you will recuperate from childbirth faster, your body will get into shape and become beautiful, since my method is based on a complex approach – it includes a deep working-out of all body muscles, not only intimate ones!

Your life will become brighter, richer, you will start noticing looks of admiration from men, as your organism will be in the state of hormonal burst! It is known that only hormones make a woman young and attractive at any age. You will feel emotionally uplifted, your mood will improve, and therefore you will avoid post-natal depression! Be sure to find some time for yourself and visit my training “How to Quickly Recover After Childbirth”, because it’s so important for you, dear women. Your life will change incredibly, and that is true!

You can start training 2 months after childbirth. Consult your doctor.

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