Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

The Sacred Art of Love

Probably every woman dreams about harmonious intimate relationships, which are based on consensus and understanding and souls. And bodies of partners are united.

In our dreams we imagine ourselves as good lovers, who are considered to be unforgettable, unique and sensitive. And of course every woman enjoys her partner and wants to reach the peak of bliss.

Women's pleasure is unpredictable and capricious and contains more secrets in comparison with men’s one. There are several keys of female orgasm: good self-esteem, ability to control and feel the body, to trust the partner and the world of fantasy and mutual search with a partner.

In my new program I will reveal the secrets of the sacred intimacy for you! You will know what techniques, movements, emotional and physical emancipation can help you and your man to get unforgettable experience, to turn your coition in a truly fascinating, sensual event, which is filled with sexual energy!

You will never find such a program like this one! My rich experience, accumulated knowledge of sacral techniques how to control intimate muscles and practice of meditation give me the opportunity to share with you unique things.

You will know how:

- to excite a man in a flash;

- to bring him till to the top of pleasure without penetration;

- to prolong the coitus;

- to reach vaginal and multi orgasm;

- to harmonize your inside world;

- to get rid of body complexes and become more plastic;

- to improve women's orgasmic and self-confidence;

- to become more attractive and desirable for men.

You will learn intimate practice and the sacrament of massage. You will also know a lot about relationships with men and about joy of sexual contact.

This practical course will allow you to touch the mystery of the energetic exchange between a man and a woman. Doing exercise “Spiritual Interflow” you will know how your sexual energy circulates through your body, you will learn how to accumulate it and how to share it with your man. Meditation techniques will allow you to dissolve in a partner, feel the real fusion of sexual and spiritual energy. After you clean your sexual energy thanks to sublime lovemaking and meditation you will reach extraordinary union with the prolonged orgasm and with altered state of consciousness. After all, according to Taoist philosophy orgasmic interflow of partners occurs when yin and yang are in perfect harmony. Relax and enjoy the movement of these subtle energies that pass through your body.

The program Sacred Art of Love is a unique course of classes, which is devoted to such important female themes as:

- “Sacraments of Touching”;
- “Female Anatomy; Types of Erogenous Zones; Improvement of Sensitivity;
- “Male Anatomy; Techniques of “Playing the Flute”;
- “Sacred Movements of the Female Body at the Moment of Intimacy”;
- “Excitement Methods”;
- “Training of Intimate Muscles”;
- “Technique of Spiritual Interflow” (energy exchange);
- “Energetic Massage of Jade Rod” (penis);
- “Tricks and Secrets of Erotic Techniques”.

Dear men and women don’t be afraid to open up each other, to trust, to fantasize, to search for new peaks of pleasure and enjoyment. Rejoice in each other, appreciate and love! After all, an intimate relationship is a part of nature and human existence.

Continuation of this course you will find in the program "Sex skills. Love without Borders".

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