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International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

The secret of a beautiful female breast in her nature

Charm of a woman - it is known, is made up of many factors. And perhaps one of the most important - beautiful breasts, an integral part of the female figure in any age - not only young, but also in adulthood. Beautiful breast is not necessarily a big virgin breast or even more - silicone breast.

But is such a thing as a "well-groomed BREAST" - not every woman aware of and evaluates this properly yet. Every day we take care of our face for a long time looking at ourselves in the mirror in search of - God forbid - some flaws.

What about breast? Is it less important? So, why we do not pay a portion of attention on it? This is worth thinking about. How nice to see a woman who did exercises to firm breasts even in the middle massaging breast to increase size, if not in old age brings its natural beauty with dignity, attracting the attention of not only men but also women.Natural beauty in all centuries, in all nations of the world valued above other values, especially created artificially.

It's no secret that silicone breast though attractive in appearance, but it is ambiguously - not every man wants to embrace this "beauty", and sexual attraction to the object of his passion is also diminished if ... Yeah, if instead of nature he is getting something artificial. It is necessary to understand every beautiful lady, and do not make some figure flaws by artificial things.

And here's what I suggest to you, my dear woman. I will be ready to come to your aid. A few of my recommendations and explanations, I hope, you will take with care and understanding.

It is no secret that the mammary gland is associated with the intimate sphere and if on women's feelings as if everything is good, there is no stagnation problems in the chest, almost every woman faced with adversity and pain in the breast massage - mastopathy. Most of the women can notice decreases volume of the breast with age - this is due to hormonal changes, as well as after birth, or rather after breastfeeding woman's breasts change shape, and often not for the better way. Bust loses elasticity, sagging, pectoral muscles become flabby and shape of the bust can not be like in a young age. Moreover, even young nulliparous women have congestion and gynecological diseases can be cause of mastopathy.

And I faced with such problems, and therefore came to the conclusion that you need to overcome these problems only by natural means.

I offer a program that includes a comprehensive and systematic care about women's health, aimed at restoring a beautiful breast shape and beautiful body. The program is designed for exclusive author's technique involves physical exercises on the chest muscles, massage of chest muscles and the breast.

Using during a massage of the bust medicated creams and oils, it is important to perform massage competently. You may ask - why? I explain:

Firstly, the breast massage is aimed at improving the blood supply;
Secondly - to increase the elasticity and chest sensuality;
Third - the beautiful female lines and shape of the breast. Many women do not want to have big breasts, and then they should use other cream for massage.

Fourth, there should pay your attention to the intimate gymnastics. Women who already have silicone breasts, to an even greater extent necessary to do my set breast massage of exercises - to stabilize hormonal levels, because they have a foreign body in the chest and hormonal changes are almost inevitable. As a result of structures, biological and age-related changes we have of abnormal skin, breast muscle and mammary gland. As a result we can have reducing of blood circulation, lymph circulation and metabolism.

My program is adapted for women of any age regardless of chronic diseases, in particular those related to reproductive function. Exercise does not require a lot of personal time, quite 2-3 times a week for 5-10 minutes to perform my gymnastics complex for chest - and for a month you will see the result: your breasts will become firmer, toned, healthy and sensual to the touches of your beloved not only you will fell pleasant sensations but and your partner too.

When you start to use my method you will eliminate congestive things in a chest and in a mammary gland, that contributes to solving aesthetic problems. Mammary gland becomes filled and acquires a beautiful shape. Rehabilitation after plastic surgery to modeling and restored form of mammary glands may also include the exercises of my complex.

Now it is very popular to do fitness in the gym, and women please be careful when you overload the pectoral muscles - delayed lactic acid, blood circulation slows down and breast deceases in volumes. Perhaps you noticed the female bodybuilders. Their pectoral muscles eat the mammary gland, so lovely woman, do not overdo it, do not get carried away by pumping the chest muscles - for it is easy enough to load with low weight, and best of all - competent pushups. It is better to take a longer time to train the buttocks and press for the beautiful female forms. This is my advice as a master of fitness.

And one more wish for you dear women, keep your femininity and beautiful female form in a natural way - the modern woman really miss this.