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Remedial Gymnastics

The program is aimed at training and rehabilitation of the inward parts of the body particularly gut, nephros, suprarenal capsules, urinogenital and genital spheres. With the stimulation and strengthening of gut walls the problems of drum belly, colitis, piles and other gastrointestinal problems are decided. When improving the strength of vessels the arterial tension is rehabilitated. Gymnastics helps to tuck the muscles of abs, gut, and buttocks in a short period of time.

The program can be used by children, teenagers, men and women. The special ab exercise have been developed for each age.

It is hard to be healthy for a long period of time in the modern world. We surfeit or eat unhealthy food, move little, take rest randomly, and all these reflect on our appearance and on our overall health.(workouts for abs for womens ) Offers for solving this problem quite enough nowadays: health aids, fitness, remedial procedures, best exercise for abs, accessory food substances and so on.(best ab exercises for women ) But this is only a palliative which improve your state temporarily but doesn’t solve a problem totally: as soon as a course of treatment finishes the problems, haven’t been solved thoroughly, will become more serious.

How to choose a proved way? What resources should be used for saving your health ideally without odd medicines, expensive researches, surgical interventions?

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Open Internet – people ask in search engines: what are the reasons of bloating, how to create perfect abs – all these are not idle inquiries. And here we can’t go without doctor’s recommendations. One of the most widespread reasons of bloat is dysbacteriosis (syndrome of irritated stomach) it arises as a consequence of unhealthy food, stresses, surrounded factors and so on, it causes inveterate upset of colon, colitis, piles, etc. When your intestinal tract works well, you don’t have any problems with evac, you have fresh, healthy skin and cheerful mind. In neglected cases it is difficult to do without doctor’s consultation and an expensive long treatment. The most effective exercise for abs less elastic the gut walls are the more shapeless the abs is. When endocrine profile is changed and metabolic processes become slower in woman’s body, fat depot starts accumulating on her stomach.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova has proved that with the help of physical exercises you can get rid of the above mentioned problems and revitalized your body.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova has developed an alternative authorial method for solving many problems particularly connected with the bowel disfunction. She has offered the specific exercises aimed at the full body relaxation and blood circulation improvement by means of muscles contraction and relaxation. After the course of exercises the fat-burning processes have become more quickly, the abs has become more perfect, the blood circulation has improved.

The course of exercise is aimed at the improvement of the gut walls tone, the strength and elasticity of unstriated muscles, the rise of blood circulation in the whole body as a result we have got perfect abs for a week only. The stomach has become flat after the first training and the bloating problems has disappeared.

However it is worth to notice that all the trainings should be conducted only upon the recommendation of the author and under her control.

How a man can gather his stomach!

Remedial GymnasticsMen also can suffer from the large bowel disfunction. Stress, chronic fatigue, unrationed and unhealthy nutrition, excessive use of alcoholic drinks can cause the evac problems. Taking of evacuant medicines can help only for a short period of time, and exhausting physical pains connected with the bloating distract regular lifestyle and they influence a lot on man’s appearance. With the help of Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s exercises a man can gather his stomach for two weeks of regular trainings. Those, who have already taken the course, feel burst of energy in the body , businesses at work and at home have been improving. It is a mistake to think that such exercises influence on sexual orientation: all Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s patients affirm that it is wrong! Don’t be afraid that a concussor, which is used during trainings, is sold only in intim-markets still. You know, nobody still leaves the family after the massage at the urologist’s. I think you don’t need to say this. (I.G.).


The symptoms of children disbacteriosis are not only feeling sick, but also emotionally out-of-balance condition i.e. a child acts up, sleeps badly, has poor appetite, has distracted attention and it affects progress in studies. The reasons of children bloating are the same as adults have, but it is impossible to get rid of them only with the help of medicines.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova has developed the special exercises, based on the usage of a special rekto-stimulator (which can be bought in the pharmacy), which are focused on young children and teens.

These exercises can also be used for solving problems with dropped abdomen during postpartum period: as bursting injures, appeared during Cesarian operation, are subsided and pulled gut walls contract the stomach becomes the same as it was before.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova knows how to make your abs perfect staying in and is ready to tell you by means of on-line classes. The exercises for abs, which Tatyana Kozhevnikova recommends, have won popularity not only in Russia, but also in many foreign countries. All the ab exercises are based on the training of internal and external muscles: abs and the digestive tract muscles.

Due to Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s techniques the relationships in many families have improved and the children have become more successful in studies. It is explained with the simple law a healthy woman has an ability to gift life energy to all members of her family. Neither urologists, gastroenterologists nor gynecologists can offer you the only method of improvement of moral climate in your family which simultaneously improves the health of family members by way of their relationships.

Do you always feel like you’re filled with gas and bloating? May be, you feel fine in the morning time and bloat up during the day. Improve your health and life quality with Remedial Gymnastics. Tatyana Kozhevnikova has correctly chosen well-directed movements to promote fast and successful restoration process of impaired function of inward body parts. With these special exercises, all your problems related to bowel dysfunction will be solved thoroughly and, your intestinal tract will work well. The approach has helped thousands of patients improve their health and quality of life.

Do you want to improve your well being and accelerate your working capacity?(best workout for abs ) Want to achieve flat stomach and increase your muscular power? If you’re up for the challenge, Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s exercises are for you. Regardless of where you fit in fitness spectrum, you’ll able to build perfect abs after the first training session only. The application of these special exercises is aimed at improvement in metabolic processes, full body relaxation, blood circulation process, psychological balance, increase in muscles power and more.