Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Yin Yang

The desire for intimacy is very deep; it can be felt as if it is born first in our soul. The very core of a human demands and wishes to touch a partner and feel a loving touch, feel oneself loved and needed. Though, it is rare when you meet lovers with such deep intimate connection, but every man and woman always strives for such connection.

A man and a woman are two fundamental powers, two extremes which complement each other; and only in interaction they can create harmony. Every person has both male and female energies; a man has female energy, a woman possesses a male one. A successful individual has to know when it is necessary to “switch on” a tender female energy and when it is time for an aggressive male energy.

The author’s course designed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova Yin Yang has been created in order to connect a man and a woman into a whole, as well as teach each of them individually to control their energy.

You will learn to feel the partner at a higher level. With a help of pair meditations and physical exercises you will create a really harmonious couple connected both physically and spiritually.

After the course you will complete each other and become one; you will learn to feel the mood and desires of the partner, his/her emotional, sexual and physical state.

The human body is made with exquisite attention to detail. Every part of the body and every inch of the skin is designed to feel the effects of every touch, every kiss and every moment of love. But, for a person, to feel the enhanced level of intimacy, they need to learn the true intimacy meaning. Love, intimacy, sex, all these have words have a profound and never ending connection. A connection that cannot be sought when all these feelings are combined and found in a couple. This is the actual intimate definition that a human mind of both males and females is aware of. An intimate definition may vary from individual to individual and gender to gender but the overall sense of closeness is felt the same way by everyone. So, how would one define intimate that it is acceptable for everyone? The answer is Tatyana Kozhevnikova's Yin Yang course. Tatyana is well-known for helping individuals and couples in knowing how to be more intimate. She has developed several famous and effective courses that have changed the lives of people from all parts of the world. With her, Yin Yang course, the idea is to build a greater spiritual connection between man and woman beside improving their emotional intimacy. The bond between two people cannot be developed only through a physical connection. Though one night stands can be hot and satisfying but it cannot match the supremacy of a long lasting emotional and spiritual bonding. Tatyana would explain couples the definition of intimate as per her own experience and knowledge and promote the unlocking of it in their own lives. Every person, males, and females have energies from both genders. Men have female and male energy while women have male and female energy. But, the important question is when to use which one in order for the couple to experience love and intimacy to the fullest. This question is a hard one to answer as it requires a different set of skills and techniques to know which is required and when. Therefore, every couple that is willing to gauge the benefits of sex and intimacy and want to feel pleasure like never before, must resort to Tatyana's Yin Yang course. The course would also teach couples to know how to control their energy. There is no point wasting your male or female energy at a place where it is not required or at a place that would give you nothing in return. Hence, intimacy is a sacred tool and should only be unlocked in front of a person that truly cares for it. At the end of the learning, the couple would be able to define intimate in their own way and also be able to achieve a high level of sensitivity and closeness with their partners. This way, they will be able to better satisfy their partners and in return receive an even better form of love and sex. This would be an overall and priceless learning curve for both men and women as they begin to have a better relationship thereafter.

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