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Health and Recreation Exercise Program. Intimate Gymnastics. Kegel Exercises. Ben Wa Ball exercises.

We invite everyone to a live training with the Guinness Book Of Records holder Tatyana Kozhevnikova.

The training will be held 17 - 18 october, 2015 in Stockholm with translation to swedish.

Use the contact phone numbers and email to apply for participation in the training or to ask any questions you may have.

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Elena Chubarova
phone number: +46 736 89 35 41

Unfortunately, there are not so many women nowadays, who can boast of having perfect health in general, let alone female health. Each of us women has to face some gynecological problems from time to time. Once a problem appears, we start seeing a lot of doctors, take lots of pills, though the amount of problems keeps growing. However, today we would like to offer you kegel exercises program the solution that will not only help you recover your health, but it will also allow you to prevent the emergence of female diseases.

Exercise is widely used in complex therapy of gynecological diseases

Kegel Exercise is used for treating inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, menstrual cycle disorders, sterility, retroflexion and prolapse of the womb, all the internal organs, incontinence, as well as diseases that require surgery (tumors, extrauterine gestation etc.).

Tatyana Kozhevnikova developed her own health and recreation program that has no equivalents in the world. Her proprietary health and recreation program with elements of shaping for exercising the intimate muscles of women was submitted to the Russian Authors’ Society and registered with Copyright Certificate No. 6908 dated December 3, 2003. The exercise method that includes using special accessories is protected with Russian Federation Patent No. 50114 dated April 27, 2005. US Certificate of Copyright Office No.1-420215082, priority of 11/06/2010 "HEALTH AND RECREATION PROGRAM WITH ELEMENTS OF SHAPING AND FITNESS FOR INTIMATE MUSCLES OF WOMEN"

The prevention of gynecological diseases and treatment of the women’s genitourinary system requires a systematic approach. The uniqueness of Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s kegel technique lies in the fact that the offered exercises differ from the usual elements of exercise therapy. They are not only aimed at improving the state of general health; first of all, they are used as a therapy for a certain gynecological disease.

The health and recreation program by Tatyana Kozhevnikova includes: physical exercises, gynecological massage at home, and relaxation exercises.

All this will allow you to achieve the following positive changes:

– your genitourinary system will be recovered in 3 months. Women who suffer from pelvic prolapse will literally forget about their diagnosis. Special exercises include training techniques for improving muscle strength, elasticity, and endurance, which quickly tenses up the muscles and, consequently, the ligaments and walls of the vagina are lifted up in their correct anatomical position. First-stage prolapse and incontinence go away in 1 month, second- and third-stage prolapse are eliminated within 3 months.

– adhesive processes go away, menstruation becomes painless, myomas go away or stop progressing, as well as fibromas and endometriosis.

– metabolic processes in your organism are stimulated. You recover your health and, as a pleasant bonus, you also get slimmer and regain your normal weight.

– you can delay the menopause by staying active in your sex life for a long time.

– your endocrine profile is fully recovered, the problem of vaginal dryness will be gone forever.

– say goodbye to such common “companions” as cystitis and vaginal candida;

– you will quickly get rid of chronic fatigue;

– your pelvic muscles will become strong and tense.

- Kegel exercises

Tatyana Kozhevnikova's method suits women of any age and with any chronic diseases.

The entire program is aimed at rejuvenation, health recovery, and the development of female sensuality. You will discover a new impulse of joy in life as you start practicing these magic health-recovering exercises. You will come back to the state of eternal youth, having regained the feeling of integrity, you will be filled with powerful sexual and life energy, find harmony in the relationship with your man, you will feel that you are the best!

The health and recreation gymnastics are the tool that will help you always stay in a good physical, emotional, and sexual state. Let other women of your age envy you, unless they have also decided to master these unique exercises and attended Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s training session. Be happy and forever young because that’s what this program was developed for!

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How to start practicing this program:

– come to a group training

– take part in the online training or the individual online training

If you have any questions concerning te training or need any additional information, please call us at the following cellphone number: