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PROGRAM NO. 12: ‘I’m a Happy Mom!’

So great changes will come to your life very soon, since you are going to be a mom!

No doubt, you want to be well-prepared for the most exciting and important moment in your life – the birth of your baby. Labor pains and childbirth are the most frightening components of pregnancy for most women. But the more you know about these processes and get the idea of what you should be ready for, the surer you become that everything will go on perfectly, and your recovery from childbirth will be easy and quick!

‘I’m a Happy Mom!’ Program will let you learn about the unique techniques(kegels for pregnancy) of preparing a woman’s organism for childbirth.

The method developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova includes kegel exercises for strengthening and improving the elasticity of muscles and ligaments of the small pelvis, the perineum, the anal sphincter, including breathing techniques that will eventually help you avoid plenty of problems like pelvic organ prolapse and hemorrhoids, perineal tear etc. You will get to know what exercises and recommendations you need to observe in order to avoid linear atrophy, nipple cracks, and mastitis after childbirth, as well as regain your figure and harmonize your sex life.

You need to have as much great time as possible during the months of your pregnancy! Therefore, try to focus on positive emotions more and more. You will be able to achieve that through meditative practices aimed at harmonizing your inner space, filling you with the energy of love for yourself and your baby, as well as the world around you. You will learn to control your emotions and desires intuitively.

Sexual energy is a powerful type of energy that is able to work wonders. When a woman is filled with this energy, her baby is born with large potential and unique abilities.

There is nothing complicated in this technique, all the exercises are simple and very effective. Believe me, my dear women, it only takes a little effort to ease your childbirth labor and recovery process in the future. My training program will let you have more free time for your baby, yourself, and the ones you love!

How to start practicing my method:

- come to the group training
- take part in the online training or the individual online training

On one side pregnancy is a beautiful and unique experience for every woman. But, on the other hand, it can be a painful one too. Childbirth is one of the best things that can happen to a couple. Having a new member in their family means an addition of happiness and joy. While it is crucial that a woman prepares for the new one by purchasing his or her clothes, blankets, feeders, etc., it is also essential that she makes necessary preparation for delivery time. Kegel exercises during pregnancy can be the ideal way of gearing up for the big moment of childbirth.

When the labor pains begin, the entire routine of the body changes. A woman needs to gather every inch of strength from every part of her body to be able to have a normal delivery. Among all the muscles, the pelvic floor muscles are the ones that are used the most during childbirth. Therefore, to strengthen these muscles, Kegels during pregnancy can be the number one solution. Tatyana Kozhevnikova Program No.12 i am a happy mom does not only concentrate on Kegels for pregnancy but also teaches breathing exercises for composing the mother. 

During childbirth, the mother has to manage multiple things at the same time. She needs to use all the strength in her lower body especially her pelvic floor muscles to exert pressure. The pressure is necessary for the child to come out of the vagina. Secondly, it is vital that the mother does not lose energy or becomes short of breath. If she is unable to control everything that needs to be controlled at that very moment then the childbirth can become far more effortful than expected.

Kegel exercise for pregnant women would allow them to develop muscular strength in the pelvic region. This would aid in improving the flexibility and elasticity of the muscle. The more stretchable the muscles, the easier childbirth becomes. Otherwise, there is this chance that the mother might suffer from pelvic organ prolapse, perineal tear, and other similar problems. Moving forward, Tatyana in her Program No. 12 has added extensive breathing exercises to the fold. These exercises would be critical in allowing the mother to breathe freely when she is most likely to face palpitations and shortness of breath.

The distinct ingredient that is added by Tatyana in her program would allow the mother to regain her shape after childbirth and have the same sex desire as before. It is a known fact that after childbirth, women lose their figure. Their body bears stretch marks and they have no curves left. Additionally, they are no longer willing to get laid. They have lost so much energy that they no longer interested in anything that requires making an effort. Tatyana would make sure that it changes for good. Her new ideas are so impressive that it would make sex pleasurable and thrilling again. And the mother would love everything about herself and her body. This program is highly recommended and anyone that tries it would surely suggest it to others.

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