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The technique is directed on strengthening and tightening the muscles of stomach, hips, buttocks, vagina; the development of pelvis and urogenital diaphragm; intestine stimulation and improvement of pelvic organs blood circulation. Training of these muscles guarantee a more comfortable development of pregnancy, "smother" delivery and help women recover in the lying-in period. The system is aimed at improving the sexual life of a woman at different stages of their life. Specially designed programs aim at developing, perfecting and invigorating of a woman's body.A woman with well trained intimate muscles always looks young and sexually attractive.

The program allows avoiding:

  • menstrual disorders;
  • premenstrual tension;
  • uterus and ovarium inflammatory diseases;
  • adhesive processes;
  • retroversion of uterus;
  • pelvic organs descent;
  • urinary incontinence;

You need a wooden egg, or a jade egg (exercise machine) for the trainings. You should put a condom on it, better the one for ultrasonic examination. If you have an ordinary one, then you should wipe off the lubricant with a napkin. Put on a cot and insert the egg into the vagina as if it was a tampon.
Also you can use vaginal balls with shift center of gravity, one of which is to put in and another one is for weight.
There are two types of balls:
1. Smooth balls tighten intimate muscles and ligaments.
2. Unsmooth balls produce double effect: strengthening and massage of intimate muscles and vaginal walls.

Breathing rules:

You breath in and make the movement, straining and contracting the muscles. Then you breath out and stretch and relax the muscles. When it comes to moving the egg inside, the egg goes up when you breath in and down when you breath out.

It is necessary to do a relaxation exercise after the training and extract the egg from the vagina. The set of exercises must be done 2-3 times a week

As a beginner, it’s best to start slowly and build your Kegel regime gradually. Remember to breathe normally throughout and gradually increase the length of time you tighten and release every week. If you do kegels with time regularly as well as maintain them, the workouts actually do function! This will certainly make you tighter, normally.

At times, women think that they’re doing kegels right and it turns out they’re not. Using jade or wooden egg helps prevent that from happening. Think of it as weight training for your lady parts. It is recommended to empty your balder first to make it easier to hold the egg in.

Suffering from any medical condition that triggers by loose vaginal muscles? Tired of loose sensation you get during sex? Perform these natural vaginal work outs to make your sex life incredible and have a healthy vagina for years to come. The steps are easy and very effective in maintaining tightness and muscle tone of vagina. The best part is that these can be done anywhere, anytime and no one would ever notice you doing them. Engage in regular Kegel exercises to tighten vagina and experience astounding results!