Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Vagina Tighten Exercise

Buy Exercise Equipment

You need to buy exercise equipment for the trainings(the process of holding the weight is very simple: a girl incerts a wooden egg/ball with a ribbon in it into her vagina and adjusts the weight to the ribbon). You also need a comfortable sportswear, trouses or shorts must have a little hole where the perineum is.

Fitness Exercise
Fitness Training

Exercises without movement of the egg (equipment) inside the vagina.

1.P.P. (preparatory position) legs apart, knees bent, hands on hips, straight back.
 Counting 1-4 breath in simultaneously pulling up the perineum, buttocks and contracting the vaginal walls (4 walls)
Counting 5-6 static strain of the muscles
 Counting 7-8 breath out with a minimal stretching of intimate muscles and maaximal stretching of the buttocks muscles
 Number of repetitions: 2 sets 15-20 times, weight 100-500-800-1000grams
 Pace: slow, medium
 Guidelines: maximal pulling up the buttocks (bottom - up on the cross) and simultaneously pulling up and contracting the perineum and bottom press(the
 movement of the perineum is up to the belly, the belly is gathered in.

2.P.P. remains the same
Counting 1-4 breath in pulling up and contracting the perineum and vagina (4 walls), buttocks do not work
 Counting 5-6 static strain
 Counting 7-8 stretching the perineum and a little bit vagina
Number of repetitions: 2 sets 15-20 times
Pace: slow - medium - fast
Guidelines: only intimate muscles work, buttocks are not included.


Exercises with movement of the egg (equipment) inside the vagina

1. P.P. remains the same
Counting 1-4 breath in pulling up the perineum with the egg maximally pulled up to the uterine neck and contract the egg by the 4 vaginal walls
Counting 5-6 breath out pulling the egg out to the exit of the vagina
Counting 7-8 static strain
Number of repetitions: 2-3 sets 12-15-20 times
Guidelines: you should try to do the exercise with total amplitude and feel the movement of the egg bottom- up; buttocks are pulled up together with
the egg (bottom - up on the cross)
This exercise helps to tighten the buttocks especially their internal side (the most problematic muscles for women)

Dinamic meditation for the muscles without the egg

P.P. remains the same
Counting 1-4 breath in pulling up the perineum, internal part of the buttocks and simultaneously the hips
Counting 5-8 stretching the hips and buttocks maximally to the sides (slightly sitting down)
Number of repetitions: 3 sets 20-30 times
Pace: slow, medium, fast
Guidelines: in this exercise you can feel the movement and contraction of the hips and buttocks bottom-up and to the center (at the same time the
problematic muscles tighten up and you get the perfect shapes)