Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Fitness program

All programs are designed in fitness format and are based on:

  • visualization (beautiful body shapes, attraction of wishes);
  • somatic concentration;
  • dynamic and static meditations to tighten and strengthen internal and external body muscles;
  • maximum load aiming at reducing the body size and tightening the muscles;
  • management of one’s one vital and sexual energy;
  • training of hips, buttocks , press together with intimate muscles;
  • relaxation (auto-training, meditation, breathing chakra techniques).

Tatyana explains very clearly and plainly the biomechanics of exercises and teaches to control one’s own energy through physical activity. She will also share with you some “secrets” of healthy eating and intimate hygiene which you will not find anywhere else!


- Acute inflammatory process
- High temperature

In the presence of the described contraindications, before visiting training classes and before the beginning of training sessions you should consult your treating physician.

The concentration is always on the intimate muscles and this helps to feel the body (muscles), especially hips, buttocks and lower press. You do not feel tired while training and unlock your spiritual and creative powers, will power; you start to see and feel clearly your desires and wishes. Copyrighted programs will help you to push you limits, realize your attractive individuality having beautiful shapes, healthy body and sexual attractiveness.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova is renowned for developing and teaching several beneficial training programs. The aim of these copyrighted programs is to refine the intimate muscles, reduce weight, beautify the body and improve the overall health of men and women. Each program adds value to the trainee and with time, they can witness and experience substantial changes in their lives.

It is important that every person that is practicing the fitness program must make full use of the special techniques of Tatyana Kozhevnikova. She has invested hours of her precious time into crafting these fitness training programs to help every person in achieving the pinnacle in their life. 

The world has become a playground where every human being is in constant pursuit of making the most of their time. But, in this war of success, men and women both have forgotten to give their bodies the due care it deserves. Thus, there has always been a need for a fitness program that would relax and glorify the mind and enhance the potential of the body. While, it may be difficult to accomplish complete mental relaxation and ultimate body fitness with gym, sports, and other physical activities, it is easy with Tatyana's fitness training programs. Every fitness training program focuses on helping individuals in attaining the best of their body, mind, and spirit.

Over the years, it has become obvious that in order to become the very best, everyone must combine body, mind, and spirit. When the mixture of the three is attained to the fullest, only then can countless benefits be gathered. For example, Tatyana's Yoga training program for women called the Shining of Womanliness gives women the chance to transform their unattractive bodies into an inspiring one. The program would allow every woman to reinject the lost energy into their bodies, reduce the unwanted fat and make themselves smart and sexy again. Moreover, and most importantly, the program would bring back the faded sexual desire in them. The hectic routine that everyone has these days can certainly dim the ability to have proper and refreshing sex. The fact that the body is tired, makes it ever so difficult to have quality time in bed.

The Kegel program for men is another of the great inventions of Tatyana. It is an excellent way of inserting energy and strength back into the intimate muscles and muscles of the private parts known as pelvic floor muscles. This can help anyone that is suffering from urinary and fecal incontinence or prostate issues. The Kegel exercise program includes an innovative and advanced form of Kegel exercises that can give the control of urine and stool back to the trainee. Furthermore, the exercises offer a much-needed push to the sexual strength of the man. Every man wishes that he is able to enjoy sex to the extreme by having a proper and timely ejaculation plus an erection that his woman would be proud of. Tatyana has developed Kegel exercisesи would inject energy into the shaft of the man. So that they have a powerful erection again and also the ability to climax when they want to.