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Cystitis in pregnancy

The most frequent urological disease is cystitis. This disease attacks both adults and children. The manifestation of disease is inflammation of the bladder or rather its mucous membrane. Usually it attacks women and the pregnancy is not an exception. If we look at the statistics, women can get sick at various stages of pregnancy. This disease is an inflammatory process. It covers all of the mucous membrane of the urogenital system that causes malfunction of bladder. When the first symptoms of illness appear in a pregnant woman, it is important to treat the problem very responsibly.

The etiology of the disease and the first symptoms

There are always painful feelings in the inflammation of the urogenital system. They are pain when urinating, a complete lack of feeling of release, so you use the toilet almost every five minutes. The main symptoms of cystitis in pregnancy are:

- Frequent urination;

- Painful urination;

- Cloudy urine, sometimes with a bloody tinge;

- Temperature increase.

One of the causes of the disease is a negative impact on the microflora of the organism made by Escherichia coli or other microorganisms. The body of a woman with a pretty stable immune system is able to independently deal with the pathogenic agent of the disease but if the disease appears during pregnancy it is not unnaturally. The body of the pregnant woman is particularly susceptible to various infections and sometimes it can’t cope with the pathogens. Sometimes immunity of pregnant woman is weakened so it is important to seek medical attention.

The physiological state of the body of the pregnant woman also plays an important role in inflammation of the urogenital system. Hormonal imbalance also has a negative impact.

Perhaps, fans of nonconventional medicine may decide to use some folk remedies but it can cause some problems.


Early pregnancy

Treatment of cystitis during pregnancy should be made only by professional doctors, as there are some risks at certain stages of pregnancy. Usually the disease manifests itself in the form of discharge, which differs by a pungent smell and unnatural color. Discharge of pregnant women should be considered the norm, only if:

- it’s clear, odorless and not profuse;

- mucosae is a normal function of the body, when such discharge is able to protect the female organs from infection;

-  it is thick and sticky.

Discharge plays an important physiological role in the formation of mucous plug.

If you have symptoms of inflammatory process in early pregnancy, it is important to visit a gynecologist to have uranalysis, blood test and vaginal smear. It is also important to do an ultrasound.


Late pregnancy and cystitis

The disease can occur at late pregnancy. In this case the expectant mother should beware as it can cause premature labor. It is important to discuss the consequences that may affect the child. Usually it is underweight and weak immune system of the child. It is also important to consult a doctor and to have uranalysis, blood test, vaginal smear and ultrasound.

It is important to treat cystitis with full responsibility. Even the fact that this disease is not dangerous in the early pregnancy, we should not forget about risks. Undertreated disease may be the cause of chronic cystitis. That is why it is rather important to visit the urologist and gynecologist, even at the lowest manifestations of the disease.