Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

How to be God in Sex

For many men at the age of 16-18 it is normal to make love for more than an hour. But at 30 and especially at 40-50 it’s a dream. Sedentary work, stress, irregular sexual relations, infectious and venereal diseases are the main causes of weak erection and male diseases such as prostatitis. Medicines seldom help. The only way to return to their 18 is persistent training. Not only the biceps and the press can be trained, genitals can also become stronger and sturdier. Intimate fitness for men is a set of exercises aimed to the development of intimate muscles. Two or three hours a week is enough to make your penis not only desirable but also you will be able to satisfy this desire by 100 per cent.

Shy guys can attend individual classes; uninhibited guys can go to group exercises 2-3 times a week. Those who have doubts can get advice from the master. You should wear a workout gear to classes. Do not think that it will be easy. The owners of impressive muscles, body builders and gymnasts are tired after that class.

In class you not only will vitalize your genitals, you will learn how to wield the penis and how to satisfy a woman. Statistically more than 50 percent of women do not have an orgasm. This is both women’s and men’s fault. Quite a few men don’t devote enough time to prelude and foreplay. It’s not only because of laziness they just do not have skills. The master will tell you about all the secrets of the female body, moreover he will teach you the technique of inserting of the penis into the vagina - the secret of permanent female orgasms.

After a few classes you will forget about ordinary sex, small penis and what the lack of confidence is.  Your penis will always be in a good shape, and therefore will become a little bit bigger. Also, the coition will last much longer. And what is more important you and your woman will get real satisfaction.