Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Long to be amazing and charming?

Then all my recommendations, all the programs developed by me are here for you!
Here is my advice:

  1.  Do not hope that the result will turn out by itself. You will still have to work. Be ready.
  2.  Look at you in a mirror more often and if only it is not a magic mirror but the most usual it will not deceive you.
  3.  If you feel that it is high time to change something in your body, take measures immediately. My program is here to help you!

The most important thing is to learn to love yourself!

The female body and also the nature of female desire and pleasures in intimate life are so complex, that it is very difficult for a woman to completely open her sexual potential and learn to enjoy the life to the full.

I do not aim at training you to become a sex guru, but the training-programs developed by me are directed on development and perfection of intimate sexual sphere and on creation of beautiful forms of a woman’s body.

Our body is a unique source of pleasure. And it is important that each woman realizes that and does her best to raise her erotic potential.

A strong sexual desire is a great gift of Heaven and a source of physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Try to learn to use this energy for improvement of various aspects of your life. The more sexual energy a person has, the bigger his vital force is. Opening erotic opportunities every day you receive a charge of huge power force - in fact your internal energy is the basis of your being and a necessary condition of human existence.

The findings of a recent research of 12000 married couples have shown that the main obstacle on the way to receiving pleasure from intimate life lies in weariness and the loss of internal energy.

As well as in any other science, the more knowledge and skills you receive the greater success you achieve. But even if you devote just little time to the development of the internal potential the results will be simply breathtaking, you will receive more pleasure from a dialogue with close people; your relations with the partner will become deeper, your vital force will increase and your whole life will become much happier.

It is impossible to disagree with the judgments of Taoist wise men who consider the energy of vital force to be the key to achieving good health and they understand that good health enables us to collect more energy and transform it into a higher level energy. It enables us to build our energy body which is the body of the soul, as this body is the most important in our life: our immortal spirit or a body of spirit.

I invite you to come to one of my trainings, try yourself, listen to responses of the participants, and I am sure you will not remain indifferent!

My programs are simple and do not require big investments - neither physical, nor financial. If you get interested and take advantage of my knowledge and skills, the results will be a new vital impulse which I would name a desire impulse, for the desire is the energy of life!

Let's direct together all our vital energy to the channel of creative, emotional and spiritual health!