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Menopause: Put Up with It or Defeat It? Pelvic Prolapse

How many times has each woman, who is constantly trying to ‘raise’ her children, cope with everything at work, keep her mind on everyday chores, asked herself a question, ‘When will I finally get the chance to live for my pleasure?’ And then this long-awaited time comes at last – the children have grown up, the woman has made a successful career and become a respected specialist, her domestic chores don’t bother her anymore either – she has learned to do them fast, without even noticing. That is the moment when a woman faces a new, free stage of her life that is usually accompanied by such an unpleasant thing as a menopause. It often comes together with headaches, fatigue, depression. The feeling of discomfort is aggravated by the negative effects of the environment: poor state of the ecology, strenuous working conditions, stress.

However, the problem does not only include the symptoms, which, of course, cause inconvenience, what's worse, the menopause results in disorders of metabolic processes in a woman's organism. The changes that occur may lead to a heart attack, a stroke, osteoporosis, and other diseases. Methods of preventing menopause are pretty relevant today. Modern views on women in their forties have changed considerably: we must always be in shape, look good, always come on time. We don’t want to put up with health problems at the zenith of our career and life. None of us wants to have the skin that loses its elasticity after the age of 40, to have wrinkles, unhealthy hair, problems with our menstrual cycle, become grumpy, experience ‘hot flashes’, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, and blood pressure spiking. But please don’t panic. Any of us is able to minimize the symptoms of the menopause and its negative consequences.

Menopause, also known as the climacteric, means ‘stair’ in Greek. The pioneer of intimate gymnastics in Russia and other countries, physical therapy instructor included in the Guinness Book of Records Tatyana Kozhevnikova told us how to proudly climb this stair of life with your head up.

According to the medical criteria, the occurrence of menopause at the age of 44 to 52 is considered to be normal.

Is that a period of problems or just an age of elegance?

Just like every woman is unique, each representative of the fair sex goes through the menopause differently. According to statistics, every tenth woman does not even notice this period.

However, this doesn’t mean that the hormonal changes occurring in the woman’s organism stop. Alongside gradual decrease in the amount of estrogen being produced in the female organism, the level of the luteinizing hormone, gonadotropin, and the follicle-stimulating hormone keeps growing. These changes affect the skeletal and vascular system – a woman can develop a predisposition to osteoporosis her level of cholesterol can rise, suffer from genitourinary system disorders, such as incontinence, various inflammatory processes.

Today there are a few ways of treating the menopause: a doctor could prescribe you a medication treatment of certain symptoms that you have, as well as a hormonal replacement therapy. However, you should understand that doctors recommend taking hormonal medications in minimal doses and for a very short period of time, since these medications raise the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases (heart attack and thrombosis), as well as have serious side effects. Besides medications, Tatyana Kozhevnikova suggests you also use the inner resources of your organism. She believes that women are not only able to minimize the symptoms and the consequences of the menopause, but the can also delay it and completely stop the hormonal therapy in the future.

We can now speak about such a phenomenon as an early menopause, that can occur to a woman at the age of 35. The main reason for this situation is stress, which leads to a hormonal disorder, and a woman stops getting her period. Stress can be also caused by a woman’s dissatisfaction with her sex life, or bad living conditions. Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s gymnastics allow relieving stress, which leads to the recovery of the woman’s menstrual cycle, she starts feeling revitalized, emitting sexuality, reacquires her ability to have an orgasm, regains her popularity with men, her life energy becomes strong enabling her to achieve success in every sphere.

What is the method by Tatyana Kozhevnikova then? Thoroughly selected system of exercises and the technically correct way of doing them yield quick results. The main thing here is teaching a woman to feel and control her intimate muscles correctly, to contract the right muscles, and strengthen the womb muscle. Regular exercises for the intimate muscles can lift them up significantly, improve blood circulation in all the nearby organs, recover hormonal balance, make a woman feel young longer, which is especially relevant as the menopause comes.

This is the master’s secret.

Here are the advantages of intimate gymnastics pointed out by Tatyana:

– intimate gymnastics prevent an early menopause;

– the quality of the vaginal mucous membrane improves, dryness goes away, since doing the complex of exercises causes the ovaries and the adrenal capsules to actively start producing the hormones that make the vagina wet;

– a woman does not suffer from irritation and stress, since her adrenal capsules, which give her life and sexual energy, start functioning actively;

– a woman looks young thanks to the activity of the youth hormone – estrogen;

– metabolic processes in a woman's organism are improved, which makes her body slimmer, age-related skin laxity goes away;

– a woman is active in sex, since she experiences powerful orgasm and has the desire to have sex, just as in her youth;

– the functioning of the thyroid gland is improved, a woman's gynecological health is recovered: myomas, fibromas, endometriosis, adhesive processes, incontinence, hemorrhoids go away, the ligaments and walls of the pelvic bottom muscles are, of course, strengthened. First-stage prolapse goes away within 1 month of exercise, and 3 months of regular practice allow eliminating second- and third-stage prolapse.

During her training sessions for the intimate muscles Tatyana Kozhevnikova employs her patented types of training accessories that are comfortable to use. And a woman feels perfectly well how exactly she can control her intimate muscles with the help of these training accessories. There are kinds of the training accessories that have a different shape and complement each other. They are used to develop the muscle strength, strengthen the vaginal ligaments and muscles and improve their elasticity, in order to enhance orgasms, to quickly fill the womb with energy. A woman with an empty womb does not interest a man, since she always feels weak in terms of living and sex. The womb can only be filled up through physical exercise, and once you strengthen it, YOU will become full of energy, YOU will always emit joy and sexuality. If you have your sex organs removed, you still can, and you must practice intimate gymnastics, since the adrenal capsules start functioning in place of the womb and the ovaries.

People surrounding you will try to stay beside YOU, try to follow YOUR pattern. You will start having a lot of creative thoughts, your dreams will come true very soon, since the more energy you let out, the more everything you want gets attracted to you. Everybody knows this rule, though not all of us know how to fill ourselves with energy fast. Well, you CAN do it by practicing Tatyana’s intimate gymnastics. Try it and you will see huge results as soon as in 5-6 sessions, 20 to 30 minutes each.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova is the only person in the world who has created a complex of exercises that have a coordinated effect on women's endocrine profile, strengthening the intimate muscles, recovering psychoemotional state, and enabling quick accumulation of life energy through physical, energetic, meditative exercises that have no equivalents.

This system has been in development for over 25 years. Practice intimate gymnastics and be healthy, retaining your youth and the fullness of life for many years to come. And remember that only a sensual woman, the one who is able to get an orgasm, the one who is filled with energy can be happy and successful as a woman.

You may practice intimate gymnastics at any age, however, the gymnastics are especially necessary for women in their forties!