Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova


Kirsty, London

I've been practicing intimate gymnastics for one year. I attended three training courses by Tatyana Kozhevnikova.

The results are amazing. I’ll start with my health: I had a high level of prolactin hormone, which causes infertility. I used to take hormones before trying intimate gymnastics but the effect was only temporary. I decided to start practicing gymnastics, the level of prolactin became normal within 5 months and remains stable without hormonal medications, the duration of my period decreased, it used to last six days, and now it’s only three to four days long, and the pain is gone.

I think this is the best program for women, the complex of exercises is so thoughtfully balanced with regard to both physical and energetic aspect. I can sense my womb fill up! Thank you, Tatyana! You’re such a vibrant, flamboyant, wise woman! It’s pleasure to be next to you.


Angela, New York

Thank you, Tatyana, for your methods!

I used to practice with a pneumatic training device recommended by other specialists and despite my persistency and strong willingness to achieve the result, that is start having orgasms, it was all useless. After one course with Tatyana she told me that if I didn’t have an orgasm soon, she guaranteed I would have it as soon as after three months of practicing her method. Indeed, I experienced what

I wanted so badly, I started getting other sensations during sex, my husband started wanting me, left his lover at last and came back home. I’ve started feeling that our relationship is getting better and better, and that his love for me has got stronger. I don’t want to stop at what I’ve achieved, I want to develop and be the best woman for my husband because now I understand that sex for men is more important than cooking and cleaning. I’m very glad that life gave me a chance to meet Tatyana, and that I can be a happy woman now.


Qadriyyah, Los Angeles

I’ve been practicing Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s method for six months already. I had third-stage pelvic prolapse and incontinence. Pelvic prolapse was gone within three months of exercise, incontinence went away after only one month of practice. It’s great that I started experiencing rich orgasm, I feel fine in general because chronic fatigue is also gone. I thank Tatyana for her unique knowledge!


Julia, Vancouver

I've been practicing the method by Tatyana Kozhevnikova for about a year and a half.

I can’t help but repeat a lot of other comments stating that intimate gymnastics help you raise self-esteem, your overall energy level; intimate gymnastics also let you lift up your external muscles (especially thighs and buttocks), which allows you to make sex and relationships with your partner better. It is a very interesting thing in general – learning something that seems almost impossible to you at first (this is not some extract ability, these are clearly realizable skills of your intimate muscles to do certain movements under control of their master – according to the set rhythm, amplitude, speed, trajectory, intensity, parts of the body etc.).

As for me, intimate gymnastics helped me forget about constantly recurring vaginal yeast, my 20-year-old adhesions disappeared, cervical erosion healed up, though I had tried to cure it twice using traditional medical methods – all to no avail.

To make all of the above sound more realistic I’d like to note that I don’t have 100% proof of the direct cause-and effect-relationship between the exercises and my health improvement (I didn’t do any precise scientific research, of course), but, you know, nothing can happen all at once without any kind of therapy…

A huge thank you to Tatyana for her method, for the tremendous amount of work she does to develop, expand, improve her exercises and techniques, her sincere and responsible desire to share her knowledge and experience with other people, make women (as well as men) happier.

Thank you again, Tanya!!!


Moscow. Tatyana, aged 65

I’ve already been practicing Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s method for one year. Vaginal dryness and incontinence are gone. I now look 10 years younger. I feel great. My man is happy too.


London. Gulnara, aged 38

I attended the training session and had individual practice with Tatyana via Skype. I decided to go to the training due to my problem of an early menopause. After 8 hours of practice, I stopped taking hormonal therapy! My menstrual cycle is recovered. The feeling of irritation went away and I found harmony in the relationship with my husband.


Frankfurt am Main. Svetlana aged 55

I had a 6-session course with Tatyana Kozhevnikova via Skype. First of all, I noticed that the feeling of fatigue went away, my sleep became calm, I stopped feeling dryness in the vagina. I’d also had a third-stage prolapse of the womb, my health was fully recovered in 2 months of practice. Tatyana teaches magical exercises! They are very simple but effective! My advice to all women, especially the ones in their forties – don’t hesitate to try intimate gymnastics.


Elena, Chelyabinsk:

"Hello, I wanted to share with you my results after attending training byTatyana Kozhevnikova. Before studies by the method of Tatiana bothered painful, heavy menstruation periods. Appealed to the gynecologist for ultrasound. Prediction was endometrial hyperplasia. The gynecologist prescribed to take hormonal. I took them about two months, it was no results (endometrium was greater).

After this I came on the training of Tatiana, I had practice one month by her technique, Independently decided to stop taking hormonal. Then I went to the ultrasound - normal endometrium, menstruation periods started to be painless, profuse of them significantly decreased the duration too. Despite the fact that I worked not very hard by 5-7 minutes 2-3 times a week. I decided to update the information and three years later went back on her training, not sorry !!! received a lot of new information to action, really liked the sliding track and sacred art, will do this and will write about results.

Good luck !


Olesya, Moscow:

"Thank you for regular fun, for a wonderful teaching, inspiring even greater self-confidence training. I attended the second training, more and more in love with sex fitness techniques developed by Tatiana, I feel deeper my body muscles. I understand more and more as "skillfully" you can "build" your body, women's health, internal state. Due to the training my intimate life filled with new experiences.


Maria, 28 years old:

"I could not give birth, had miscarriages, after the course by Tatiana I gave birth to a son. Tatiana, your knowledge is priceless, I am glad and proud that we have such a woman in our country like yo.


Vladimir, Moscow:

"Dear Tatyana Kozhevnikova!

I want to express my feelings of gratitude and respect for you as a doctor and chief instructor at the intimate life !!! Your lessons and advises dispelled my doubts insolvency. Understand what a tremendous work you had to do to reach perfection. Be confident in yourself. Continue to work in the field of intimate health. This is very important! Especially now! When we become victims of our own laziness, excessive eating and computer nearby. Sacrilegious to admit it, but the way it is. Quite accidentally saw your lessons and realized how wrong I was.

Thank U! It's hard to say what kind of results I can achieve in private life, but I will try. The main thing that you woke me youthful interest for life.. Although I'm fifty-eight. However at any age you want to live and be interesting. Thank U! Sorry to distract you from the very need to do. "


Tatiana has already come to Tomsk three times. I missed none of them and I am looking forward to the next ones. You can't imagine what a powerful store of female energy Tatiana gives at her lessons! You dash out after her lessons as if you go like a breese, on the wings of lightness, love, euphoria, with some feeling of completeness of female energy inside. Now my regular home exercises include Tatiana's ones. Girls, let's study to love themselves! The method made by Tatiana is unique. Please accept it like a gift ,start to use it and you will see how quickly you change, how people around you change their relation to you, how the world around you changes. I wish you all some lightness and health.

My best regards and unbounded veneration to Tatiana!


Olesya Belova, New York

Thanks a lot for the regular pleasure, for the great teaching, giving great assurance training. I have already attended the second training . I fall in love more and more with the methods made by Tatiana. I feel deeper my body, my muscles. I understand more how "skillfully" competent I can build my body, female health, inside state. Thanks to the training my sexual life has been filled up with new impressions and feelings.

Thank you, Tatiana!


Irina, Moscow

Thank you for the necessary and exciting training!

You open us- women "some door" to the magic sourse of female Power, Wisdom, Love and Energy! For me you are some image of a Perfect Woman in magnificent state of body and spirit. After the training there appeared some feeling of myself, some joy of my existence and this feeling hasn't left me up to the present :-)

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!!



I realized that I wanted to buuild my body, my personal life to live myself total as a woman with joy and happiness; I want to become an instructor to have a lot of happy women around me, happy couples, happy families. I believe that it is possible. My profound bowto you!


Venera, Kazan

Dear ladies!

I'd like to share with you some results which I managed to get concerning myself with the method made by Tatiana. Everything started with some ordinary search of information how to discover a Woman inside. For a long time I studied how to develop my intimate muscles by right way, what I should do it for and why I should do it for. I bought heap of different CDs, uploaded a lot of information. I managed even to find a lot of closed information about development of vagina in different schools of geishas and not geishas. Firstly I thought about Tatiana's method with some mistrust as a lot of information in the Internet have no value at all. But as I am a person who tests everything on myself Tatiana's method was no exception for me and I started to use it.

At first I simply and regularly did those exercises which Tatiana showed in her website free of charge. After a couple of weeks my husband told me about my strained muscles :-) Now I have to keep him from sex with me even... I was interested to know what else one can do and I ordered all possible CDs according to Tatiana's method. Tatiana also taught me online. I studied as a diligent pupil- regularly. As for a simulator I used jade eggs made to order.

After some months of sessions I was very much surprised at the results:
- hormone state stabilized
-complexion improved
-I stopped nagging at my husband
- my mood improved
- now I keep 1.5 kilo with my vagina, my man is so much proud of it , by the way I get more presents from him now...
- my gynaecologist uses the least mirror though I have two girls and I am not even 30 ;-) what is the most important : MY MYOMA NODE HAS RESOLVED. It was fufore!!!




I’m very pleased with the results. The feeling of unusual sexuality, sensuality and inner harmony has appeared in my body. I feel uncommonly feminine and attractive, lots of compliments and attention from men. I have attended a lot of women’s live trainings, and this course was a wonderful supplement. I have an experience of work with women energies, and now I feel I’m spreading the wave of attraction, sensuality and sexuality around myself. I feel excellent physical changes. Firstly the size of my vagina has downscaled (my husband has felt this), my sensuality has become sharp, the strength of my intimate muscles has increased, muscles has become more elastic. My abs and buttocks has tucked. I look at myself in the mirror and I like myself. I will definitely continue to do these exercises for keeping the tonus of my body and intimate muscles, for feeling sexuality, sensuality. Thanks a lot to Tatyana Kozhevnikova!



I’m quite spoilt by different personal growth live trainings, and I’m fit enough, I don’t believe in immediate results. That’s why I had doubts about this training, which advertisement promised instant and unconditional miracle. But I took the chance and won!

Tatyana is a real professional. You can cast out unwillingness to understand, laziness, a habit to get sloppy at once. Work hard and work hard again! Be sure, Tatyana will see about it. The result was brilliant! After 3 lessons I could fasten my skirt which somehow hadn’t wanted to fasten before. When I stood on the scales I found out that I became 3 kg lesser.

And I found out about my muscles so much than I had ever heard before. As it happens our bottom is divided into lines and each part is trained separately. But the main thing is that intimate gymnastics has made me attractive and more sensual. My man started to love me still greater.

Tatyana, thanks a lot, and success in your undertakings.


Oksana (aerobics instructor)

Tatyana is a wonderful woman. A legend! You feel in a breeze after her training. It feels like I has gone on the another level, which I hasn’t known before. I have strong muscles but after 15 minutes of the lesson I felt the muscles of mu buttocks, hips and abs in full force and effect. And how excellent Tatyana informs! You can only dream about it! Simply and in layman's language! Masterful! Thanks a lot!


Natalya, 48

I've been attending Tatyana's trainings for 10 months. I had colpoptosis, post-natal perineal rupture and of course, weak muscle tonus. During this period I've almost got rid of these problems. My gynecologist was impressed! He saw a great result. I also had hemorrhoid, but after these lessons sphincter muscle became more elastic. Now I feel really good. I advise women to try. I'm sure you will realize that intimate gymnastics is very important. I wish Tatyana good luck, devoted followers and creative inspiration.


Irina, 50

I've been attending Tatyana's training for 6 months. I had incontinence, but now I'm fine. My sensitivity has increased and my husband is satisfied. Thanks Tatyana.


Olga, 38

I had uterine and vaginal descent.12 months of training helped me to forget about my problems. Now I do the exercises at home, but I hope to attend group classes soon. I wish Tatyana good luck!


Mariah, 28

I had a problem of miscarriage. After Tatyana's courses I gave a birth to my son. Your experience is priceless and I'm proud of such women in our country.


Natalya, 20

I decided to make my intimate muscles more flexible before the childbirth, that's why I attended Tatyana's lessons. I had painless labor without any ruptures and in 2 months I took up the trainings to get into shape. Tatyana is expert!


Olga Shevchenko

I attended the training to keep fit and learn something new. I enjoyed it very much because felt my body and the energy during meditation. Tatyana's explanations were very comprehensible. Soon I felt a surge of energy and learned how to attract men. Tatyana, you are unique, thank you very much.



I want to thank Tatyana for unusual information which helps to break stereotypes. It changed my perception totally. Thanks!


Oksana (aerobics trainer)

Tatyana is amazing! A legend! I feel so good after her trainings. It seems to me that I came to a high level. I'm in good shape, but I really felt the strength of my muscles after trainings. It's marvelous! Everything is great! Thanks!