Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova


Intimacy between a man and woman is a unique bonding that involves love and caring. Every individual can only understand the true value of intimacy when it is done in a passionate yet healthy environment. So, in order to make the most of the connection between two people, it is essential for both of them to stay in top shape, both, physically and internally. And when it comes to women, it is even more necessary to keep their physical and internal health in top-notch condition. Their vaginal and pelvic floor muscle are the keys to enjoying the real pleasures of life. My Ben Wa Balls video focuses on offering women the opportunity to enhance the strength of their private parts to protect themselves from urinary and fecal incontinence.

Benefits of Ben Wa Balls Video

No matter how much love is between two people, any form of inconsistency or leakage from either the vagina or rectum can completely ruin the pleasures of sex. Therefore, as per the research of the University of Maryland's Medical Center, the using of kegel balls can protect the woman from urinary and stool leakages. In this turn can enhance the confidence of the woman in her own self and her private parts, and she can then give the very best to her man.

My Ben Wa Balls video, also known as, Kegal balls video shows the best and perfect way of using Ben Wa Balls to strength the muscles of vagina and pelvis floor. My short how to do Kegels' video offers techniques that can help a woman in understanding the very best for herself. The Ben Wa Balls uses two or more balls attached to a ribbon which is then used in a few ways to enhance the strength of the private parts, this entire process is called intimate gymnastic. Intimate gymnastic involves special techniques developed to strengthen vagina and rectum and at the same time prevent from genital diseases. In the Ben Wa Ball video, you can clearly see that one of the Ben Wa Balls or Kegal Balls is swiftly placed in the vagina and rectum to allow you to hold and release at will.

How To Do Kegels Video?

The kegel ball is placed inside the vagina or rectum but is firstly covered with a condom. Reusing of the same balls require proper cleaning and protection, therefore a condom is always used before beginning the exercise. The exercise will strengthen the ability of the pelvic floor muscles and vagina muscles to hold and at the same time, pull the other Kegal ball which is attached to the other end of the ribbon. You need to then sit on a chair and balance the balls appropriately. 100-500 gram balls are great starters but once you are trained to it, 500-1000 gram balls can also be used. The movement of the intimate muscles seen in the video is through smooth contraction or pulling of the balls.

When the balls are being used for the rectum, they not only provide the control and strength but also helps in shaping your body. My techniques of pulling and shaking the balls have proven to help many of my passionate followers and can also become the key to revitalizing your sexual vaginal and anal pleasures.