Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

What is Intimate Gymnastics?

Intimate Gymnastics

«Intimate gymnastics» is a time-tested, exclusive method for muscles strengthening and rising of the sensitivity of intimate sphere and also for prophylactic and recovery of women’s and men’s health.

The program “Intimate Gymnastics” is patented by Tatyana Kozhevnikova, the only one woman in the world who can hold with intimate muscles the weight of 14 kg. The Guinness Book of Records, 2003.

She is a master coach in remedial gymnastics. Tatyana has got certificates of copyright in the U.S. (registration № TX 7-266-062) and also in Russia, № 6908.

Tatyana is a graduator from Siberian Academy of Physical Culture or SibGAFK is a University in Omsk, Russia. Tatyana is a master coach of PPL (Professional Psychotherapeutic League) and conducts psychotherapeutic trainings for men, women and teenagers

For 20 years Tatiyana has developed author programmes-trainings:

«Sacral Womanliness»

«Health and Recreation Exercise Program»

«I’m a Happy Mom!»

«Recover from Childbirth? That’s Easy!»

«Feminine plastique. The sliding path»

«Sex Skills. Love without Borders»

«The Sacred Art of Love»

«Intimate gymnastics. Female charm.»

«Intimate gymnastics. Male charm.»

«Training for shorts or ideal buttocks in 5 days.»

«Yin Yang» (pair work)

«Perfect abs? It's easy!» (for women, men, children)

«Secrets of beautiful female breast»

Yoga – training «Shining of womanliness» (Introductory training)

«The Sacred Dance»

Particularities of Tatiyana Kozhevnikova's method

For the first time in the world of fitness she has created unique methods that combine great schools and the best West-East systems.

East is a balanced combination of yoga, hatha-yoga, tai-chi, martial arts, chi-kung, eastern intimate and dance schools and tantra love techniques.

West is a modern dance, step fitness, classical dance aerobics, weight-lifting programs, body building, intimate fitness, Kegel’s exercises, strip-tease elements.

See familiarization video of Intimate Gymnastics

Practical value of Intimate Gymnastics

«Intimate gymnastics» is a new exclusive technique aimed at strengthening the muscle system and increasing the sensuality in the intimate sphere of both men and women. After the training your body will again become light, slim and flexible. It will be more sensitive and harmonious. The more your intimate muscles are developed, the bigger sexual satisfaction will be!

You will become self-confident and get rid of many complexes! Also, the effect will satisfy not only you but your partner too.

Do you want to create an ideal strong family? Train together! Attending trainings together and pair meditation will contribute to achieving success in any sphere, from sexual intimacy and financial prosperity to spiritual unity.

If you love yourself, aspire to be healthy and want to get satisfaction in sex, then this training is for you! Your muscles will be well-toned, and it is known that active muscles guarantee perfect health! This program is very popular because it is one of a kind! And the results speak for themselves!

You will not have to spend much time on the trainings or buy special equipment, the only thing you need to get great results is a strong will and a determination to change for the better.

Strive for perfection and keep up with new trends!

You can learn the method at trainings (snap courses) and at Tatyana’s lessons which are conducted in many Russian cities.

Also, there are video courses, manuals and books which can help you train at home!