Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Russian Tatyana Kozhevnikovs is a unusual record holder: She can lift 14 kg with her intimate muscles!

Moscow proves the miracle with its vagina. The case is about Tatyana Kozhevnikova who is proud of her title. The holder of the strongest vagina in the world has proved she can lift 14kg kettle ball with her intimate muscles. The video where Tatyana demonstrates her skill has already become a hit not only in Internet.

This Russian has already devoted 15 years to her hobby to lift not only glass balls but a kettle ball too.

She has become to practice it since she had her baby. Her efforts were successful. Then she was formally pronounced by The Guiness Book of World Records, which confirmes that she has the strongest vagina in the world. And now Tatyana is a propagandist of so called Intimfitness.

She has published several educational videos which contain the description of intimate muscles strengthening. Natyana says: “It’s important to exercise correctly”.

And what is the secret? She uses special training equipment in the form of a wooden egg, which put into vagina and is hold with intimate muscles. Then a glass ball or a kettle ball is fixed to this wooden egg. And you can start an exercise … Tatyana recommends her method to women who want to improve their sexual life. “Only in a week you will be able to gratify your partner” Tatyana promises.