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01.30.07 Tatyana Kozhevnikova presented her new book about intimate gymnastics.

Novosibirsk resident Tatyana Kozhevnikova has been recognized to be the only woman who can lift 14 kg with her intimate muscles (Guinness Record 2003). She released a book “Intimate gymnastics. Health program». This is 80- page brochure in edition of thousand copies about intimate muscles training. When I made my way to the presentation I thought there would be a lot of men, because the demonstration of these unusual skills was announced.

Newsmen were probably frightened of such unexpected coverage opportunity (or maybe newswomen didn’t let their male colleagues to get there). That’s why I was the only one male journalist on that meeting. The longer the conversation lasted, the least the ladies were embarrassed by such words as ‘vagina’, ‘orgasm’ and ‘sexual intercourse’. Finally, they took no notice of me, like I was just neutral colleague. Ladies easily made remarks about men, making no bones of my existence (at least they didn’t ask me to argue against these statements).

Background information: intimate muscles training has been known for about 100 years. German gynecologist Kegel developed the set of exercises for women, suffering from enuresis (Kegel Exercises). It is important to train all grounds of muscles to achieve the result. Though, Kegel offered a little bit different exercises.

I could spend much time talking about Tatyana Kozhevnikova and her gymnastics. Her fervor and the way she touches on such delicate subject really impressed me. Some years ago Tatyana was taken bad after childbirth. Soon she met an ‘other-worldly’ doctor, who advised to take up absolute diet and restoring massage. Tatyana set about work and then she intuitively began to train her intimate muscles, using the ideas of ancient Oriental authors. The books contained the methods of developing female sexual energy by doing exercises with eggs. I didn’t know what eggs should I use, - said Tatyana, - that’s why I asked my friend (she is artist) to give me a wooden egg. I put it in and… It was not an easy task to pull it out.

Through trial and error Tatyana found a wooden egg of perfect size. At first she couldn’t lift even 100gr weight, but then she was gradually involved and tried to develop her own set of exercises. Tatyana entered the Guinness Book of Records when she lifted 14kg with her intimate muscles.

The process of lifting the weight looked like this: Tatyana put in the wooden egg with a thread, which was seen through the special cut-out in trousers. To the view of the audience Tatyana lifted 2,5kg to warm up, then 5 and finally 7,5kg. It didn’t come to 14kg, because Tatyana had no desire for taking such heavy lift.

This record is not a limit for Tatyana. The top weight she could lift was 25kg. Tatyana warns that it can be very dangerous. First of all, I have good fitness conditioning; I could lift 260kg with my feet. Moreover, I had long hours of travail. Women can start with light weight and gradually increase it to 2,5kg. It would be enough, says Tatyana.

You can do these exercises no matter how old are you (though, virginity can limit manipulations with an egg), but there are also some medical alerts: different inflammatory processes and postoperative period. That’s why you should consult your gynecologist first.

This unusual gymnastics will help you to keep the muscle tone (unfortunately it gets lost if you give up training) and get a great sexual satisfaction, claims the author. Altogether idyll! Except for the ladies who haven’t decide whether they should tell their partners about this gymnastics.

Not every man will be in line with such ‘pump’ lady. The only way out of it is to offer similar trainings for men. Tatyana Kozhevnikova mentioned that she’s already thought of that.

Kegels Exercise For Women

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Kegel Muscles Men

Are you’re thinking about Kegel muscles exercises for men? As a man you can Kegel too - and should. Kegel exercises aren’t just for women. Unfortunately, though, some men do get kegels wrong, making things worse for them. With correct method, men can benefit from Kegels as well! So, when you decide that you’re ready to try them out for you, you can learn them at Tatyana’s training sessions and lessons. You’ll know how to locate the correct muscles and understand its proper technique. The method is taught both in groups and individually. It’s relaxing, easy to learn and cannot harm you in anyway.