Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Sex Skills. Love without Borders

This is your sexual development during the course "Sacred art of love."

Techniques which are presented in this program can help you turn sex into a wonderful gift that carries spiritual joy. You will learn how to give each other the maximum pleasure, how to control intimate muscles during intimacy. You will learn the art of oral sex and non-traditional games, as well as discover some of the secrets of magic! All this will help to open the way for the true desires of your heart and be filled with love to yourself and to your partner.

The set of exercises is devoted to ways how to achieve orgasm, how to control intimate muscles during intimacy, also to methods which help to increase sexual pleasure and open spirituality.

After reviewing the different techniques you will be able to experiment, to vary presented techniques depending on the specific situation. All this will help you to open up in sex, to know better your body and continue to explore your sexual capabilities. Become open to your partner, do not hesitate to talk about your desires and fantasies, trust and listen to each other and live in love forever!

Trainings and regular classes can help you:

- to discover exclusive sexual techniques;
- to fill yourself with powerful sexual energy;
- to rock the Women's Center of Magic - the uterus;
- to master the techniques how to keep stable your hormonal and emotional background;
- to increase the strength and elasticity of the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis. It will help you to get rid of gynecological diseases and congestive processes in the uterus and ovaries;
- To master meditation and energy practices: Secrets of Magnetism and Magical Techniques for the development of intuition and clairvoyance (training in energy-flow), “Techniques of women's vibrations”, “Women’s wave”,” Spiral”, “Funnel”, “ Sacred Circles”.

Only competent system of exercises for intimate muscles allows women to be filled with the true feminine energy. The uterus is a physical and energetic muscle and the more it is trained, the more magnetism you have got, which is able to attract in your life everything you wish.

The woman, who is able to control feminine vibrations, is unforgettable. She always radiates love, tenderness, confidence and sexuality. Such representatives of the fair sex have power over men, and get everything that her heart desires. Your image will become the magnet and the perfection that attracts only the most beautiful things in life.

The CD with program you can get at the trainings of Tatyana Kozhevnikova, at her individual classes, as well as during trainings for instructors in intimate gymnastics.

It's no secret that for a harmonious relationship is very important to connect the sexual impulse with heart’s depth and spiritual fullness. The perfect addition to the CD "Sex Skills" is the master class "Tantra. Yoga of Love ". It is devoted to classes in pair. You will learn how to work with the energies of the body . Deep relaxation, sensuality and hearty love will fill your sex with joy. You will learn how to breathe properly, get rid of clips. You will open yourself for love, life and energy.

More information about the master-class "Tantra. Yoga of Love” you can get in the description of the program "Yin-Yang "(classes in pairs) or visit the full course of VIP-trainings.

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