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Training for shorts or ideal buttocks in 5 days

Best Exercise for Abs

Every woman wants to look well, feel comfortable and give joy to others. Attractive look and energy are the characteristics of a happy person. Your body can reflect your desires. The dream which can become a reality is a dream of a beautiful sexual slim body.

A set of buttocks exercises will allow you to become more attractive, confident; wear the clothes you want and become more sexual. Your body will reflect your conscience. The trainings have a positive effect on the overall state of the body and its internal processes. But exercise help you feel the muscles and the whole body better. A whole new world of feelings opens to you.

Each person’s value lies in his creative abilities, his own unique abilities. This method will help you in a short period of time to adapt yourself in accordance with your needs – adjust weight, shapes. This is the ultimate goal of the given program.

The most effective buttocks exercises aim at revitalizing and forming a beautiful female body. In the course of training you will be offered basic exercises to develop the skills of controlling your body. As a result of regular trainings your buttocks and hips are tightened, muscles become stronger and more elastic, and within a short period of time they are perfectly shaped.

The set of exercises to firm buttocks is intended to train any part of the body in different modes:

  • Shaping buttocks;
  • Tightening and body volume contraction (buttocks and hips);
  • Burning of excess fat;
  • Proper distribution of load on different parts of the body.
  • But exercises.

Eventually you will learn to:

  • Maximally feel every part of every muscle of buttocks and hips;
  • Maximally load the working muscle with you own weight;
  • Feel the action of every hips and buttocks muscle and its maximum contraction;
  • Maximally lighten the pressure and relax the muscles;
  • Dynamic muscle meditation.

Sample Exercises

Exercise 1.

Preparatory position: legs apart, knees bent, hands on hips, straight back, body slightly forward.
Procedure: The exercise is done in two stages.
Stage 1: Counting 1-4 we contract buttocks and they simultaneously make an upward movement to the tailbone and sacrum until they are maximally contracted (tighten). Static muscle strain for 3-5 sec.
Stage 2: Counting 5-8 and completely relax the buttocks.
Repetitions: 3 sets with 15-25 repetitions.
Pace: slow, medium
Guidelines: it is desirable to do the exercise standing sideways to the mirror. It is necessary to control the movements of both buttocks bottom-up. Movements start from the hip. Knees and hips do not change the preparatory position (the position can be changed only in the pelvic part).

Exercise 2.

Preparatory position: face-down position
Procedure: Work on the middle and inner lines of large gluteal muscle of every buttock. Onward, successive movements.
Counting 1-4 simultaneously lift the hips starting from the mid-groin and parallel from the mid-buttock up to the small of the back.
Static strain 2-3 sec.
Counting 5-8 – relax completely.
Repetitions: 2-3 sets, 12-15 times.
Pace: slow, medium.
Phase one. Preparatory position – legs maximally apart. Lifting the hips starting from the mid-groin and outer thigh:

  • hips up and to the center, feet always apart;
  • hips move up to the tailbone and small of the back;
  • perineum muscles contraction with buttocks being pulled up and to the center.
Phase two. In a full lift direct the buttocks to the tailbone and sacrum with a parallel contraction of the mid-groin and the inner part of the buttocks. Static strain for 2-3 sec.

Guidelines: focus on maximal movement of the buttocks to the tailbone and sacrum. The exercise must be perfected until it is done automatically. It is necessary to maximally engage the buttocks and pull them up. The movements and contraction must be made bottom-up in stages: first the lower part of the buttocks, then the middle and after the upper part of every buttock.