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International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Sacral Womanliness

Do you know that your womb has a powerful ability to attract your dearest desires? But first you need to learn how to wake this ability up. You will receive this special, sacred, mystical knowledge that remains secret to most people at our training sessions.

The training program will fill a woman with true womanliness, tenderness, gentleness, the enshrouding energy that each of us needs! Physical exercises aimed at strengthening the intimate muscles and giving the beautiful sexy shape to our hips and buttocks, techniques for developing the sensitivity of the vagina – you will try all this for yourself during the training session. And then you will join the follow-up program, perfect your womanly prowess, attract good luck, financial well-being, and harmony in all spheres of your life!

A woman’s body hides secrets of well-being and success. So how do you become the one who is able to attract this beautiful life?

The knowledge of these secrets will allow you to:

- attract only the best men
- build a beautiful, harmonic relationship with your partner
- fill your home with an atmosphere of well-being and happiness
- raise healthy and happy children
- cook food that has an absolutely unique taste
- receive gifts, attention, gratitude

This training program is for women who want to:

- stay young, recover their health, acquire and develop their sexuality
- eliminate disorders of their reproductive system, recover the functioning of their ovaries and hormonal system
- lose weight and become slimmer
- recover from chronic fatigue and bad mood, “break the ice” in the relationship with their partner.

By the way, the filling and the development of the woman’s vagina is a way to wealth, harmony, sexuality, and youth! All this can be achieved through the system of physical exercises and energy techniques.

The training program includes:

- 5 sacral energy practices that will help you “read” people’s thoughts
- 3 failsafe flirtation techniques
- 5 secrets of being able to keep your man tied to you even if he’s a thousand miles away
- 3 exercise complexes for strengthening and controlling your intimate muscles
- 4 methods to recover quickly and eliminate fatigue
- 5 techniques that will allow you raise sex with your partner on a higher, more harmonic level. Your relationship will become warmer, closer, and more tender
- 3 energy games: how to fill your man with energy, take it back, and even refuse to give it back if he is “punished”.

If your womb and ovaries are filled with energy, you emanate true womanliness and sexiness, while also staying young for many years to come!

After the training you will know:

- how to reveal your womanliness
- what sacral meaning the womb and the ovaries have
- what secrets a woman’s vagina keeps
- how the intimate muscles control the health and happiness of a woman
- how to always stay your man’s one and only love, and receive care, money, attention
- you will also chase the feeling of fatigue and negative thoughts away, raise your self-esteem.

You will become the most powerful man-magnet, and your desires will begin to come true! Get a glimpse of the sacred knowledge that will give you woman’s power! Start prospering in all spheres of your life. Become a beautiful, energy-filled, inspiring woman – the source that powerfully emanates happiness and beauty!

How to start practicing this program:

– come to a group training

– take part in the online training or the individual online training

If you have any questions concerning te training or need any additional information, please call us at the following cellphone number: