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International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Feminine plastique. The sliding path

The moment a girl reaches puberty, her vaginal region is considered as a sacred region. She is taught to take extensive care of the organ without allowing for any irregular or unusual experimentation. With time, she begins to understand the reasons for all the care and protection that she gave her private part. The reason is that she has her periods, receives sexual pleasure and gives birth, all from her vagina. Even the body parts around the vagina such as the groin and thighs are asked to be kept protected, strong and elastic.

The elastic training for a woman helps her in becoming more stretchable. She is able to exercise better, stretch better and contract her muscles better. All these things add up in helping her improve her mobility and refining her ability to endure pain. Pain is an integral part of a woman's life. She is on the receiving end of pain during her menstruation, sex, and childbirth. Hence, she needs to have a body that is easily able to endure the pain without exerting unwanted pressure on the muscles. While muscles elasticity is a necessity, not every woman claims to have elasticity strength. This is where a person needs a top notch training program such as Tatyana Kozhevnikova's feminine plastique - the sliding path'.

Feminine plastique - the sliding path is a program that was made after monitoring the progress of women for years. It was concluded that only elastic training can assist women in overcoming the pain that they regularly face during their lifetime. But, how to improve muscle elasticity? The answer is through performing Tatyana's elasticity exercises. The exercises in her program feminine plastique - the sliding path, women would be able to train their intimate elastic muscles, crotch muscles, groin, thighs and other lower body muscles. This process would further prepare them for the type of physical experiences such as childbirth, improvement of the reproductive organs and having fit and stress life thighs and muscles. Moreover, it would aid the vagina in better contracting and opening during sex and childbirth. The vagina is stretched extensively during penetration and then delivery. If the woman is able to learn the art of elastic exercise, she would not face any undue stress on her private muscles and organs ever again.

The elasticity of muscles can help every woman even during her daily life. She is able to perform her routine works more efficiently, she is able to walk and run faster and most importantly, she would look in perfect shape. The better the lower body, the sexier a woman would look.

Lastly, the elasticity training would also soften the vagina and remove all the stiffness from it. This would automatically increase the sexual desire and energy in the woman and she would be able to give better sex to her man. And as far as her partner is concerned, he would enjoy every second he is inside his woman. Her sensual vagina would make her addicted to her private place.

“Feminine plastique” is a new and unique approach to training of intimate muscles.

This is an unusual training! It is called “sliding path”. Thanks to this program a woman can get more elastic intimate muscles, muscles of the crotch, body muscles, especially muscles of the lumbosacral, -groin and -thighs.

Trainings and regular classes can help you:

- Prepare the body for childbirth;
- Restore the health of reproductive organs;
- Get relief and fit thighs, remove stress and pain in the lumbar;
- Intimate muscles will become more elastic and plastic due to sliding of the body, stretching and contraction the muscles of vagina and its entrance;
- Your energy will be changed. It can be compared with the softness and malleability of honey.

You will get maximum results for a short period of trainings!

And your man will feel at the moment he is inside of you during sex that he wishes to stay with you and live there.

Announcement of the program: