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International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Online - training personally with the author Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Online - training personally with the author Tatyana KozhevnikovaOn -line sessions are conducted for men and women of any age according to the program indicated in website. On-line sessions are conducted by means of Skype (not below 5.0 version) .

Distance or on-line sessions are an opportunity to get concrete practical and theoretical skills on intimate gymnastics being in any city and without opportunity of personal presence at training.

How are on-line sessions conducted?

Online sessions are conducted in real time with using The Internet and Skype. Every session is done personally by the author of the Method “Intimate Gymnastics” Tatiana Kozhevnikova. During the session you can see Tatiana and she can see you ( everybody has got web-camera with microphone). You associate with Tatiana and do physical exercises.

The task of the trainer is to show, explain in simple form and control the fulfillment of exercises by you.

The difference between on-line sessions and individual ones in studio is that the trainer can’t touch your muscles, in the rest everything is the same.

The advantage of on-line session is that you can always agree the convenient time of session with the trainer , you economize your time and money accordingly.

What does on-line session include?

The author of the method Tatiana Kozhevnikova will select individual program of training for you which obligatory includes the complex of exercises for strengthening of pelvis and ligaments, buttocks muscles, hips, press and back.

Complex of exercises is developed for men and women individually and is for general strengthening muscles of pelvis, in a result

for men:

– improvement of potency
– control of sex length
– solution of problem of weakened urinogenital system
– skill of maximum relaxation and release from stress

for women:

– balance of hormone state and as a result balance of weight
– preparation for a childbirth or restoration after it in maximum short terms
– solution such kind of problems as: enuresis and haemorrhoids after childbirth
– postpone and ease climax period
– Restoration of physiological function of a woman after uterine prolapsed and vaginal walls. The restoration takes about 6-9 months depending on the seriousness of the problem and particularities of an organism.

The program also includes:

– meditation practices and auto-training
– female secrets from the author. Face gymnastics for women.
– massage of breast for prophylaxis mastopathy and for general gynaecology health, strengthen of breast muscles tone and its augmentation.
– show of penis massage on phallus-imitator.
– consultations.

Before sessions one should:

– Install and adjust Skype program (version 5.0, 5.1 and so on) for video calls
– A room should be well lit
– Familiarize with the complex of exercises on Home page in the part “ Master- class “.

In the site you can buy a trainer in the part “ Shop” or in any Intimate shops you can buy vaginal balls with off centered weight , or a jade egg.

Prepare sportswear: shorts, a short skirt or trousers of light colors desirably. Trousers or shorts must have a cut (1-1,5 cm) according to a seam.

Prepare a sport rug or a towel for doing exercises on a floor.

*exercises for bodybuilding you can do in common sportswear.

Payment and enrollment reqirements:


Our paypal details:

Details for the wire transfer

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Payment shall be made via Western Union, you should give the following data:

the name: Tatyana Kozhevnikova and the country: Russia

After the payment has been made, text to Tatyana your payment number.

skype: intimfitness1