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How to Use Kegel Balls


How to Use Kegel BallsIn order to actually know how to use Kegel balls, one must know what Kegel balls really are. Kegel balls which are also known as Kegel eggs or Ben Wa Balls are balls that are attached together to a string. There are different types of Kegel balls. Some have balls attached after every interval. There are others with two closely assembled smaller sized balls. Kegel balls are even used without any string. The purpose of all types of Kegel balls is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, reduce and ultimately stop urinary and fecal incontinence and lastly, to improve the sexual desire in a person. 

Now coming to the explanation of how to use Kegel balls. Kegel balls come in different weights. When a person starts performing Kegel exercises, they need, to begin with lighter weight balls. And with time when they transform from being amateurs to advanced users, they can start using heavier weight Kegel balls. The process is slightly different to the Kegel exercises that are performed without these balls. One must start by covering the topmost ball with a condom. To protect the internal body from catching any disease, one must use protection via condoms. After the ball is covered, it can be placed inside the vagina or anus. The tightening the vagina would make it tighter, increasing the sexual desire and helping with controlling of urine's outflow. With the anus, it helps in strengthening the nerves around the anus and controlling the outflow of stool.

The Kegel exercises can be performed in three separate positions of sitting, laying down or standing. But, when performing Kegel exercises with Kegel balls, one must perform them in standing position only because the weight of the balls would help in making them vagina and anus stronger. When the balls are placed inside any of the two holes, the person needs to contract them for at least 5 seconds before relaxing it for the same number of seconds. This process has to be repeated for at least 10 to 15 times to complete one set. This set must be done 2-3 times in a day to reap maximum benefits of the exercise. The user has to place the balls inside and then shake them slightly. Once the person becomes can a advanced user, they can then increase the weight of the Kegel balls that are used. The heavier the balls, the stronger the nerves and pelvic floor muscles would become.


How to Use Kegel BallsOnce the balls are placed inside the rectum or vagina, there is a possibility that the balls might get stuck. During exercise or when using Kegel balls during sex, the balls can get stuck or go deep inside the body. Hence, one must not use the balls during sex until and unless they have become advanced or professional Kegel exercise performers. In other words, it requires a great amount of expertise to be able to control the flow of the ball inside the body. It can easily slip in deep. 

If someone faces the problem of having the Kegel balls deep inside the vagina or anus, then they would need to firstly relax and breathe out. The more relaxed they are, the easier it would be to retract the Ben Wa Balls. It is highly recommended that the Ben Wa Balls are used with the strings. The ones that are without a string can be dangerous if the person does not have complete control over them. Normally pulling the string can help in taking the balls out but if they have gone very deep then the following ways can help. Coughing, jumping up and down, moving around, using lubrication and relaxing of muscles. The better the performer would feel, the easier it would be for the balls to come out.

Once the balls are out, it is very important to clean them properly before keeping them safe. Though they are used by the same person again and again but it is very likely that a person can contract any sort of infection through them. Therefore, proper cleaning is essential before the Ben Wa Balls are used again. Lastly, a person needs to be an expert before experimenting with the Ben Wa Balls because of the nature and weight of the balls.