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How to do kegel exercises for woman correctly


Women are encouraged by doctors and physicians to regularly do Kegel exercises during their lifetime. There are many factors behind this recommendation. The fact that the pelvic floor muscles of a woman control her bladder, uterus, and colon, makes them, very important muscles. Hence, it requires constant caring. The pelvic floor muscles pass through the urine passage, the vagina, and the rectum and therefore, it plays an integral role in the proper functioning of all of them. 

When a woman faces issues relating to urinary and fecal incontinence, then the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles becomes ever so important. These muscles face severe stress during a woman's lifetime. Due to pregnancy, sex through the vagina and anus, these muscles can become weak. This can result in the irregular outflow of the urine and stool. A woman can easily experience drops of urine and parts of the stool come out at even the slightest of movement. Laughing, playing, sneezing, coughing, etc. can result in the outflow of urine and stool. The only one and complete solution to this problem are Kegel exercises. While performing Kegel exercises may seem easy, there is a question that is frequently asked, how to do Kegel exercises for women, correctly?


How to do kegel exercises for woman correctly

Kegel exercises are very easy to execute. It requires proper technique and once the technique is discovered, every woman can become an expert. The reason that most women are unable to get a command over Kegel exercises is because they begin with a longer time span. It is essential that a person only starts with a maximum 5 seconds. Once a person starts to become a pro, only then should they increase the time limit to 7 to 10 seconds. Another issue that most women face is that they lose hope when they do not see any positive changes in the first few weeks. It is crucial that one must wait for at least 10 weeks before results can become evident.

Firstly, a woman needs to understand her best position. Either standing, lying down, sitting or walking, the exercise can be performed in any position. The question is that one need to know the position in which they are most comfortable in and feel easy with. Secondly, a woman needs to locate her pelvic floor muscles. It can be easily felt between the anus and coccyx. After the muscle is pressed with the fingers, one must contract it for 5 seconds before relaxing it for another 5 seconds. This would help them complete one step. For women that are at ease with Kegel exercises must doing it at least 10 to 15 times to complete on set. The set can be performed twice or thrice in a day. The more one does it, the better and faster results they would be experienced.

For women, the Kegel exercises can also be done with Kegel balls and Ben Wa balls. Instead of the holding onto the pelvic floor muscles, one can insert the balls inside the vagina or anus and then perform the contractions and relaxations. This is also quite simple and is another solution to the question of how to do Kegels for women.