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Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men


Men are used to performing hardcore exercises at the gym such as bench press, leg press, lat pull down, etc. They are even accustomed to walking, running and playing sports. But, there is a very small proportion of men that perform Kegel exercises. It is either because, they are not aware of the benefits of Kegel for men or because they do not have the time for it. Whatever the reason might be, they are missing out on some very useful exercises. 

The fact that men use their penis for both sex and urinating, the use of their private part is far more than women. In other words, their penis is overworked which is one of the main causes for them to suffer from problems such as prostate enlargement. If a man does or does not get treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), they are most likely to face another issue which is known as urinary incontinence. In urinary incontinence, which is the same in men and women, a person is unable to control their urine. Whenever the bladder is full, the person is unable to control or resist the urge to urinate which results in leakage of the urine. 

Every one in two men suffers from BPH after the age of 50 which can be detrimental, to say the least. A person is not able to control the outflow of urine which can cause social isolation as well as confidence issues. Furthermore, it can severely dent their sexual life as well. A weak prostate is the major cause of premature ejaculation and poor libido. Either way, it needs to be treated at the earliest. While there are several medicines that are beneficial in eliminating the problem of urinary incontinence, the Kegel exercises offer a permanent and natural solution to it. Though there is no set limit for the number of times one can or should perform Kegel exercises, the benefits of Kegels for men are endless. 


In order to understand the true benefits of Kegel exercises for men, a person needs to first locate the pelvic floor muscles. It is because the Kegel exercises are done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Once they are located, only then can a man truly make inroads into having a proper control over its urine. A total of 5-minute exercises per day can do a whole lot of good. Normally, the Kegel exercises involve sets. Every set is 10 seconds depending on the severity of the problem. 10 seconds are divided into 5 seconds of contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and 5 seconds of relaxation. A total of 10 to 15 times of this routine would complete a set. A person can perform up to two to three sets per day. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and the last one at night. It can be done in three different ways, while laying down, standing and sitting.

The best part of Kegel exercises is that it can be performed anywhere without the public knowing of it. Once a person has a command over the exercise, then he can extend the time period of the routine and set. After which the person can have an extended ability to control the urine. Besides the main Kegel exercises for men, it helps in better orgasms and improves erections. Once the Kegels are done for a long period of time, a male can have increased orgasms. When the prostate and the penis are strengthened then the better orgasms and climax are a bonus. Moreover, a person can even have longer, harder and improved erections. The natural power that Kegels bring back into the body of a male can surely have a positive impact on their sexual life. Neither are they leaking urine drops nor are they having premature ejaculations. 

It is obvious that male Kegel benefits are unprecedented. The entire life of a person can change when he is able to treat and strengthen his pelvic floor muscles. Though these muscles are not very easy to locate but once they are located, they can be the key to reenergizing one's overall life. The Kegel exercise benefits range from urinary control to a better sexual life. Therefore, anyone suffering from such a problem needs to take immediate measures by starting Kegel exercises.