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How to have a tight vagina naturally

How to tighten the vagina and how to enlarge the size of the penis, has always been a hot topic among the masses. Men that have a relatively smaller penis size tend to try various creams and pills to increase the size of their shaft. On the other hand, women have opted for creams and surgeries to tighten their vagina size which tends to widen after several sexual encounters. With time doctors and surgeons have found several techniques and products to answer the important question of how to make your vagina tighter but the best and ideal way is to do it naturally. The point worth noting is that the products and surgeries are not only unnatural but also risky and extremely costly. Not everyone can afford such a luxury and therefore opting for the natural way becomes the safest and best way for them. 


A vagina is a sensitive area. It needs to be dealt with high amount of care. One simply cannot experiment with this organ and cannot leave it at the mercy of surgeries. Any slight mishap can completely ruin the life and sexual life of a woman. Leaving her with no option but to live the rest of her days trying different ways to bring her vagina back to its natural way. Therefore, vagina deserves special treatment. A vagina has many spot softs in and around it. The ones that are around it are clitoris, urethral opening, labia minora, labia majora, vulva, and anus. The vaginal opening itself is the main part of the vagina which has the inner layer, connective tissue, and muscle layer. Going further there is the cervix, womb, and ovary. The inner layers are also called the walls of the vagina. And how to tighten your vagina walls is a question that every woman thinks of after a while. So, what is that one perfect and complete exercise that would be the number solution to how to tighten your vagina muscles? The answer is Kegel exercises. 


Kegel exercises are the best natural physical exercise that can answer your ever growing concern of how to tighten vagina naturally. There are two ways of performing this everyday, easy to do exercise, with Kegel balls or without. Let us look at the latter first. In order to begin with this exercise, one needs to locate their pelvic floor muscles. These are muscles under the uterus, bladder, and bowel. In order to locate these ever so important muscles, a woman needs to lie on her back, take a deep breath, relax her muscles and then squeeze the vaginal muscles around the vulva and anus. Once the pelvic floor muscles are located, a woman needs to start exercising by squeezing and relaxing them. Squeezing them for 3-4 seconds and then relaxing them for the same amount of time can help in strengthening of the muscles which in turn solves the question of how to tighten vagina naturally. This continuous squeezing and relaxing of the muscles are called a set. The time per set needs to be increased after every 2 weeks. For example, if one is capable of easily performing 3-4 seconds sets then they should move to 4-5 and 5-6, etc. 

It is important that the Kegel exercise sets are repeated at least 15-20 times a day depending on your level of activity. Once the muscles are tightened, the vagina starts to contract. But, remember that it would take a person at least 10 weeks before they start to witness any contraction in the size of their vagina. After the contraction starts, it would gradually tighten further. Obviously, it would not go back to its original size that was before the hymen was first broken but it would get stiffer than before. This is considered to be the safest and the most natural way of tightening of the vagina.

Kegel exercise can also be performed with help of Kegel balls, most commonly known as Ben Wa Balls. Kegel balls are two to three balls attached to a string. The top most ball is manually covered with a condom and then placed inside the vagina. The same squeezing and relaxing sets are then performed but for the longer period of time for example 8-10 seconds. Once a person starts to become an expert, they can either increase the time limit or increase the weight of the balls.