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Change Your Life in Two Days

We are all used to hearing the following since childhood: ‘You need to work much, hard, and systematically to achieve something!’. However, grown-up girls and boys understand that, as the-never-to-be-forgotten actress Lyudmila Gurchenko sang, ‘one minute can sometimes change your life dramatically’. This statement can be successfully used to describe intimate fitness training programs by Tatyana Kozhevnikova. It may seem surprising that only a couple of days of immersion, be it even full immersion, of women into their nature can lead to radical changes, solve the problems that may have been building up for years, untie the ties they are scared to even approach in everyday life. This is all made possible thanks to the training format.

Training: Arguments and Facts

Stabilizing Your Endocrine Profile
The Secret of Female Vibes
‘Making’ a Man Think about Yourself

Training is a format of sharing knowledge and skills, which is used for achieving maximum effect within limited time. It is said that this format of information sharing and mastering new skills dates back to rituals practiced by shamans in ancient times. The rituals, which, of course, required the participation of the entire tribe, were held solely by the Master. Such collective interaction of people under competent management combined with achieving a single goal, and all the participants concentrating on this goal guaranteed a 100% result.

Any woman obviously needs regular intimate fitness exercises. These practices truly help improve a woman’s health without the need to make colossal effort, waste a lot of money or undergo often painful and exhausting procedures that impose various limitations on life of a woman. Intimate fitness revitalizes a woman, helps her find her true self, relieve tension, stop ‘running around all the time’, learn to enjoy every moment of her life, and fills her with unique female magic that attracts men like a magnet and turns a woman into a queen in any company. However, we all know that in order to achieve serious changes we often need a chance and a good start, let alone methodically focusing your efforts on achieving your goal. The same is correct for intimate fitness – training can become your first very important step in this direction. The pioneer of intimate fitness in Russia, author of the health-recovering fitness program for women’s intimate muscles Tatyana Kozhevnikova told us about the principles of her intimate gymnastics exercises.

‘I usually conduct training sessions for two days, four to five hours a day. The training includes both the theory and the exercises, including energy practices, exercises in pairs and meditations. At the first stage I harmonize the participants’ psychoemotional state, the functioning of the thyroid gland and the adrenal capsules. At this moment the participants start feeling somewhat emptied. What really happens is that the fuss goes away, the women find peace of mind, get the ability to concentrate. The girls say, ‘Tatyana, it feels like we’re frozen’. And I comfort them, ‘You’re not frozen, you’re simply not used to being in such a state’. Then we start doing breathing exercises in pairs and working with a phantom. Working in pairs is the best way to do these exercises. Women are given the opportunity to feel their interaction with another person, feel the attraction, the connection that can be established with both man and women, regardless of the distance between them or some other factors. They start feeling the emotions of another person and understand that energy practices are not some magic and that they really ‘work’. The women are convinced by their own experiences that every person possesses energy that can be pointed at a necessary direction, and the better our energetic centers are developed, especially women’s lower center, the womb, the more powerful the interaction will be. Every woman has a kind of magic that can be aimed not only at achieving what a woman desires, but also at interacting with a man, energy exchange, which causes a man to feel a woman in a more sensitive way, her emotions, desires, and she also feels a man better, the exchange goes on at a deep, energetic level. I always say to my girls: teach your man to think about you. The girls tell me about their sensations while doing the exercises, and, if necessary, I adjust my work with a certain center.

After the women’s psychoemotional state, the functioning of the thyroid gland and the adrenal capsules has been balanced, we start ‘warming up’ the womb and the ovaries. The ovaries emit very powerful vibes, the stronger the hormonal burst is, the more a man feels attracted to a woman, feels her arousal and desire. We lift our muscles and ligaments, in parallel with that I also teach the participants the correct ways of doing the exercises in order to enable them to practice alone after the training, using DVDs with my programs, for example. The ‘warming-up’ stage gives an immediate result during the training session with the girls: they start feeling good, experience an energy burst. The participants understand that the womb is not only a powerful physical center of a woman, but it’s also an energy hub. Women who attend the training feel the effect of each training stage in a very powerful way. In addition to that, since I work ‘inside the flow’, I feel what the women need, for example, I should pay special attention to the thyroid gland or give priority to working with the womb, so I make up exercise complexes for certain women. When we go through all the stages, the participants realize that the very format of the training has a powerful energetic and physical effect on them. That’s why I love this format.

After the training, when the participants have obtained technical skills of doing the exercises correctly and have been filled up with energy, this effect stays with them for about three months. If a woman continues maintaining the shape achieved at the training by doing the exercises on her own or attending intimate fitness training sessions regularly, she will retain the tension in her muscles and her energetic filling – at least, until the next training’. Tatyana Kozhevnikova conducts her training sessions in various cities of Russia each three-five months, you can find the training schedule at the website. Regular intimate fitness training sessions are held by Tatyana Kozhevnikova in Novosibirsk, in some other cities training is conducted by her students. You may also fined more information about their work at the website

Affinity Training

‘Women’s Secrets’
Before and After Childbirth
Full Breasts, a Flat Belly, and a Perfect Butt

Tatyana Kozhevnikova has been developing the sphere of intimate fitness for over 20 years. It’s not surprising that practically every woman will find something to her liking on Tatyana’s list of proprietary training programs. The many programs, each of which has a specially developed training session, includes about 15 main courses, with one course serving as an addition to another. The latest ‘know-how’ from Tatyana is the program ‘Sex plastics. The gliding track’, which has already been appreciated by women in different cities and towns of Russia. According to Tatyana, she does not stop teaching her basic course, but the ‘track’ has already proven its effectiveness several times. The ‘know-how’ adds special ‘women’s secrets’ to the main training modes including sacral circles and spirals that not only allow perfecting a woman’s muscles, but also cause the womb to somewhat vibrate, which puts a woman inside a powerful energy flow. Besides, the program includes sex techniques – various movements and twists. These basic techniques taught by Tatyana at her training workshops are complemented by gliding. ‘The uniqueness of this program lies in the fact that gliding allows us to stretch the muscles, they become very elastic, firm, and strong at the same time. So when a man penetrates a woman, he feels this pleasant firmness, a tender and tight embrace’, says Tatyana Kozhevnikova.

According to the training participants, their vagina seems to be elongated after the training. Of course, it didn’t get longer anatomically. They get this feeling due to the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, and a man feels a prolonged, deep penetration as he goes deeper and deeper inside a woman's vagina. After a woman has mastered the ‘gliding track’ techniques, the sensuality of man and woman during sexual intercourse is enhanced, and the culmination becomes more expressed.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova also developed special programs for moms-to-be, as well as a program for recovery after childbirth. Women especially need to practice intimate fitness when preparing for childbirth. They need to adapt their vagina and perineum, make them elastic, which allows preventing tears during labor or minimize the possible injuries to tiny cracks, prepare their anus in order to prevent hemorrhoids and other problems. After childbirth a woman can also sign up for a training program or an individual course, and then maintain her shape or solidify the attained effect with regular exercises. ‘I’ve noticed the muscles of even those women who practiced intimate gymnastics before childbirth weaken considerably after they’ve given birth to a baby’, Tatyana Kozhevnikova notes. ‘What happens to women who don’t prepare their intimate muscles for childbirth then? Sometimes the changes they have cause problems in their families, since they lead to changes in couples’ sex life. A man has absolutely different sensations during sex with his woman, compared to what he had felt before she gave birth to their baby, due to weak tension of her muscles. A woman affected by hormonal changes in her organism often rejects sex with her man completely and then starts feeling unconfident in her relationship with her husband. Intimate fitness strengthens a woman’s muscles, brings a woman’s endocrine profile to a balance, helps her regain sensuality, shape her body. Thus, a woman recovers physically, energetically, and emotionally. This process usually takes two to three months if a woman does not breastfeed her baby, the recovery takes more time if she does’.

Women who want their buttocks to have an attractive shape can choose the program ‘Perfect Butt in Five Days’. The program was given such a name because of the five modes of ‘controlling’ your buttocks practiced during the training sessions. ‘’When we do exercises in these modes, I teach women to feel every line of their buttocks, feel, understand, where exactly the buttock is fixed to to the hip, the lumbar spine’, Tatyana tells us. ‘We control, move our muscles, a woman works each of the muscles in different modes like a virtuoso and, of course, lifts them up quickly. The secret of such an effect lies in controlling your body consciously. When a woman masters these techniques, she can choose the one that’s the most comfortable to her, and train her body using this very technique’.

Frankly speaking, almost every woman needs to practice Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s program ‘Flat belly? That’s simple!’ – we will be convinced about the truthfulness of this statement once we look appraisingly at women that surround us, even the youngest ones. As it turns out, the belly rounds up due to gastrointestinal tract problems: disbacteriosis, abdominal distension. Tatyana says that the exercises included in this program can be performed with a special training accessory, or without it. These exercises are aimed at increasing intestinal tension, which allows lifting up your intestine and flatten your bulging belly, as well as make your waist look narrower and eliminate unpleasant sensations in your stomach. Such gymnastics help lift up the intestinal, abdominal, and buttock muscles within a very short time. Besides, this program is suitable for teenagers as well as adult men and women.

There is also a special complex for shaping the body part that attracts the attention of both men and women – a woman’s breast. It’s worth noting that unfortunately the fair sex representatives have been recently worried not only about the shape of their breast, but also its physical condition. Mastopathy, lumps and other problems that can affect this body part should be prevented. As it turns out, health and beauty of a woman’s breast can be improved by strengthening a woman’s intimate muscles, since the intimate sphere is related to the breast. A woman must have a breast massage with special creams, do exercises for strengthening the pectorals, take care of her breast. Women that take part in this program will receive recommendations from Tatyana Kozhevnikova concerning all of these components, obtain the skills of doing the exercises correctly, and, of course, put their intimate sphere right.

The girls’ program romantically called ‘The Secrets of the Men’s Hearts' Seducers’ includes intimate gymnastics exercises performed without the use of the training accessory. These exercises help girls take care about their health, delicately get to know the culture of intimate relationships between man and woman, develop their inner ability to attract men, reveal true female magic, master ‘women’s secrets’, and shape their body. Many girls today pay much attention to their appearance, practice fitness, invest a lot of money, time, and effort in training, but their intimate sphere still remains uninvolved. As the result, there is often a significant difference between a girl’s outer attractiveness and her inner physical condition, which becomes obvious to a man after the first sexual contact with her. ‘There is much rivalry between women today’, Tatyana Kozhevnikova notes. ‘There are a lot of beautiful, successful, kempt women nowadays, and men literally don’t know who to stop their gaze on. Attracting a man with good looks is not enough, you also need to have something inside to keep a man hooked’. As of today, there is probably no better method to keep your shape in sync with your ‘inner contents’ than Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s gymnastics. Tatyana is currently developing individual fitness programs for couples in parallel with her other training courses. When man and woman practice together, they start feeling each other much deeper, which continues during sexual contact. One of Tatyana Kozhevnikova students who brought her husband to a training session for couples after practicing intimate gymnastics for some time told us, ‘Alongside bringing out the male and the female principles we studied sacral practices, working with energy, phantoms and other techniques. Sex after the training was so extraordinary, I can’t find the words to describe it. Thanks to sex techniques, certain movements, vibrations, and breathing practices we got ourselves into a very unusual state, immersion into powerful orgasm, convergence, fusion, complete disconnection from reality, there was no him or me at that moment, some single substance emerged. It was very pleasant that we’d made such a breakthrough, that we had done it together, although we’ve been married for a few years. My husband told me in the morning, ‘I will always be with you, I will never cheat on you, and I’m ready to do anything for you’. And now, several months later his feelings for me didn’t fade away – the relationship between us got much closer, I get more attention from him: flowers, gifts, my husband decided to complete the construction of our country house’.

According to Tatyana Kozhevnikova, intimate fitness training in couples, as well as energy practices help develop the skill of deep and sensitive perception of your partner. ‘Ordinary sex life that we have, when we’re busy at work, or doing our domestic chores, unfortunately, doesn’t give us the sensations that are as deep as they can be. Training in couples have a very strong positive effect on the relationship between man and woman’, Tatyana notes, ‘I see that in my students and I am convinced about the effectiveness of such practices. Here we have absolutely different sensations, it’s like dancing – when a person dances, he or she wants to dance all the time, that is beautiful, graceful, dancing fills you with deep sensations, vivid emotions. The man is ready to do anything for his woman, and the woman understands how much her man opens up, how much they both, the man and the woman, are ready for mutual experience. I noticed the result of the couples and was surprised how much of a breakthrough they had achieved. I’m currently only starting to develop special programs for training in couples and it’s very interesting to me, I like it very much. I see the future in this sphere, and if the couples complete this training program they’ll make a huge breakthrough in their relationships’.

Important ‘Small Things’

Throw Your Doubts and Fears Away
Training for People of Any Age
Choosing a Coach

Any woman dreams of being the best, whether she is in a relationship with a man or is searching for her half. Intimate gymnastics give you rather a simple way to be prepared for a relationship. Intimate gymnastics help discover a woman inside a woman. It means that she’s a star, whatever happens: self-confident, able to withstand stress more easily, leads her life gracefully, attracting men playfully, effortlessly keeping the one she has chosen by her side (needless to say, it has been her own choice). And if she breaks up with her man, she does not go into depression, thanks to her self-sufficiency and confidence about her attractiveness, which is, by the way, true, not some seeming attractiveness. Only intimate fitness produces powerful, truly female vibes that lie at the core of attraction. We often come across the following situation: a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress, who speaks beautifully, everything is perfect in her, she succeeds in attracting a man but she can’t keep him near. And there is also another woman beside her, the one who is imperfect by nature, who doesn’t look that gorgeous, however men feel attracted to her. You may stop exercising your arm or leg – that’s all right, but a woman without magic is no different from all other women. Attention of a woman to the intimate sphere, to her nature is not an important addition, it is the base of everything.

Some women who don’t even know about training sessions and regular exercises by Tatyana Kozhevnikova hesitate to start practicing intimate fitness for some reasons. For example, they have doubts about the esthetics of the process, ‘How would I insert the training accessory inside before everybody’s eyes and do exercises, everyone will notice that!’ Let me dispel these fears – the training accessory is inserted in the ladies’ room without anybody looking, this procedure is hygienically safe. What you see outside is a special lace, women at the training are dressed as usual, just the way they are dressed during ordinary fitness sessions – in shorts, short, skirts, or trousers with special slots for the laces, which, by the way, can be decorated with bright beads or sequins.

One of Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s students told us: ‘When I got to Tatyana’s website, I saw this woman, of course, - gorgeous, extraordinary, she looks good and she became so successful… I thought she was unreachable like a star, and I had no idea how I could come up or speak to her. I also thought that only professionals attend her training sessions, and I am a newbie, I’m too shy, I won’t be able to do these exercises. I continued checking Tatyana’s website from time to time, and when I saw an ad ‘Training for newcomers’, I decided to sign up. And then I saw that not only newcomers were present at the training, but that was even better, experienced girls tried to help me as they could give some tips. All the women were very down-to-earth, nice and friendly, they were all working with their body, on one was looking at each other, let alone discussing something. You may take any weight you like, you can start without any weight at all and not worry about the ball falling out. Tatyana is open-hearted and communicative, she will come up to each training participant and explain everything, not like at other sports clubs, where the coach shows how to do an exercise once, and then you have to continue on your own. I’d come as a newbie but I started showing results pretty fast, and that made me like the training even more’.

‘Every woman is able to do everything’, Tatyana Kozhevnikova comments. ‘If you can’t do something in the first hour of training, you’ll do it in the second. I believe that these techniques are a part of the female nature on the genetic level. I only serve as a conductor, I help you ‘wake up’ and recollect what you already have’. One more reason for doubts common for all women is the age limit. There are no age limitations at Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s training sessions, her program is adapted to women of any age, the exercises are simple, and the used weight can be different. ‘A woman can get a little tired’, says Tatyana, ’then she can do one exercise, for example, catch her breath, have some rest, and continue training. After the first section of exercises the warming-up process starts, and a woman of any age starts doing exercises without getting tired, be it 20 or 60. A 65-year-old woman comes to my training together with young girls. She does all the exercises perfectly, and her muscles are stronger than the muscles of many girls. I have no casting or age limitations, or the level of physical skills, anyone who wants to come is welcome. That’s the uniqueness of my program – this format is accessible to anybody. There is no overload here. Of course, the participants get tired but within reasonable limits.

When a woman who decides to go in for intimate fitness is at the cusp of changes that will surly come soon, she only needs one key thing – starting her new way correctly, under a thought-out and sensitive control. Experienced, knowledgeable teachers and mentors have always been unique personalities both in school or during any learning process, we still meet such people pretty rarely in our life. Many fitness clubs and organizations for women offer intimate gymnastics training today. Nevertheless, we always pay attention to the teacher in the first place. In our society, where people tend to look for their path in life, change occupations, and try to gain comprehensive knowledge, one can often come across, say, journalists who became dancers or economists who now work as hairdressers. However, you would hardly entrust yourself to a dentist who was educated as a veterinarian. Should you train your intimate muscles under the supervision of a psychologist or a ball dance teacher? Working in some spheres requires long-term preparation and huge experience. Tatyana Kozhevnikova is the pioneer of intimate fitness in Russia and the world, author of a health-recovering fitness program for women’s intimate muscles, leading coach of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapy League (PPL), record breaker included in the Guinness Book of Records as the only woman in the world who has held a weight of 14 kilograms with her intimate muscles. Tatyana has 20-year experience of practicing and teaching intimate gymnastics and, most importantly, a degree in physical training. All the knowledge she has cannot be compared to six-month fitness courses. Being a mother and a woman also helps Tatyana Kozhevnikova understand her students as best she can; even more so, since she tries each stage of her programs on herself. Tatyana also deserved praise from the participants of her workshops and training courses, as well as gynecologists who see their patients before and after Kozhevnikova’s training and feel truly shocked by the sudden ‘disappearance’ of diseases that the women had been periodically treating but could not recover completely for many years. I could find a lot of other arguments but you’d better try it once for yourself.

There are instructors in any sphere, as well as in intimate fitness. But there are also true Masters. And you have the opportunity to choose no other but such a Master.