Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Awakening of the Real Woman

Look for a Woman

The door opens, and I hear “twittering” of women’s voices – the fitness center dressing room is filled with high spirits and perfume fragrances blending with each other; training mats disappear from the shelf one after another. One may at first think that this is a usual preparation for sports training. However, something barely noticeable just grabs my attention and does not let go anymore – a unique harmonic atmosphere created by these women I don’t know yet. And suddenly I find myself thinking that I don’t want to leave this place, I feel that I'd like to take part in the activity that is about to start in a few minutes. I've come to an intimate gymnastics training session…

For Women Only

Female sexuality does not only imply attractive looks, first of all it’s the reflection of a woman’s inner state. Sexual energy defines the attractiveness of a woman in the eyes of men, it is this energy we think of when speaking about the elusive magic of women, the energy that’s able to give youth, true beauty, and something that cannot be created artificially, if it doesn’t come from the inside, – womanliness, seductiveness, and genuine charm.

Unable to control her sexuality, devoid of her energy with age, a woman notices that she does not only lose her love of life and interest in sex, but she also stops evoking interest and desire among men.

Everyday stress, load, and inability to withstand this negative influence of the environment, low stress resistance, taking traumatizing situations “to heart” cause the reduction of internal energy, affect self-esteem, and the habit to disregard serious internal problems due to a lot of everyday cares aggravates this stressful condition inside. The woman eventually breaks down, cries secretly, starts getting mad at herself, her family, petty things that annoy her, cannot do anything in time, and instead of enjoying life feels that the reality covers her like an avalanche, and problems begin to snowball. At best she understands that it’s time to do something with all this and try traditional methods… These usually include sedative medications or a psychologist’s advice. The woman, who is tired to solve external problems that keep coming one by one, realizes that the situation must be corrected from the inside. However, representatives of the fair sex often underestimate the problem depth. The woman is sincerely trying to follow advice like “start loving yourself, accept yourself as you are, stop acting aggressively”, often trying her best day by day with no result in the end. The woman is again blaming herself, but the positive effect doesn’t actually come because she is not offered clear guidelines on her actions, an answer to the question “How”? How does she start loving herself, accept herself and the people surrounding her, stop being aggressive? What should she do to achieve that? It turns out that answers to these questions DO exist; they’ve actually been available for many years. The pioneer of intimate gymnastics in Russia, author of a health-recovering fitness program for women’s intimate muscles, leading coach of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapy League (PPL), record breaker included in the Guinness Book of Records as the only woman in the world who has held a weight of 14 kilograms with her intimate muscles, and simply a true woman, Tatyana Kozhevnikova told me how to change yourself, hence the reality that surrounds you:

“Women are susceptible to various kinds of stress. They can as well suffer from depression and neuroses. Most women blame work problems and quarrels with their family members. But if we take a deeper look into the problem, recollect what Sigmund Freud said, we will understand that the cause of all neuroses and depressions lies in sexual dissatisfaction, inability to open up, failure to accept one’s sexual desires. Saying ‘sex’ I don’t only mean ‘intercourse’, I’m also talking about sexual energy, which allows a woman to fulfill herself, open up, put her trust in her man, speak about her desires, and not only sexual ones. Tension builds up, leads to stress, and if at this time a woman is reproached by her man saying that she is bad in terms of sex, that she is unable to satisfy him, her condition will be aggravated – she can’t protect herself from the hurt, she starts thinking that she is worse than the others. Then a serious event happens, which becomes the last drop. For example, the woman’s husband cheats on her, and she starts panicking, as she sees no way out of this situation. I’m deeply convinced that all such difficulties arise from the woman’s inability to sexually accept herself as an individual. Women often don’t even realize what exactly is the source of all their problems”.

A Key to Solving the Problem

After the training I stayed to chat with other women a little. Confident, not aggressive or uptight, they answered rather explicit questions up straight, without embarrassment, still staying natural and charming.

Anna was the first to share her impressions. She turned out to be in her forties, though she looks much younger, and as my friend says looking at attractive women: “Even I want her, let alone men”.

“I happened to experience very strong pleasant sensations in my vagina before, but they were mostly based on psychology and heavily depended on my mood and state. And now it seems that the physiological component of these sensations increased and as the result, I started getting more pleasure”.

“I especially liked the meditations and the breathing during breaks between the exercises!” Maria picks up. “Breathing lets you focus and concentrate on the feelings that you have while doing an exercise. And I’ve just started training! So I think I have a lot of stuff to look forward to”.

I’m still trying to get a handle on the secret of changes these women have had in terms of their character, appearance, and life. Teachers are 50% responsible for the success of their students. It’s not an accident that people have always tried to learn from leaders, authors of new techniques. Working by the side of their teachers allowed people to acquire undistorted information, find the right direction for development at the right time, and correct mistakes in a wise manner. In modern society, where its fashionable to stay positive, “fly the flag”, not talk too much about your problems, there’s only one person who can help a woman facing difficulties in the intimate sphere – also a woman who experienced these difficulties too, went through hard times, and tested her methods on herself in the first place.

“Why did I start raising the subject of stress?” Tatyana Kozhevnikova explains. “A lot of women practice together with me, they come to my group trainings, we also have lessons over Skype, and during our talks I learn that many of them suffer from neuroses, depression. I see the same reasons right on top – problems at work, husband started cheating. Then we begin looking for the source of problems, and a woman tells me that she did have sex in her youth but today she’s forty and she thinks that her life has come to the end, but what has she achieved in her life? She worked, raised her children, her muscles are not as tight as they used to be, her looks are not as good, so a breakdown happens, and that is a tough time for any woman. She feels nervous, anxious, which leads to a hormonal disorder, she stops getting her period, and an early menopause comes. The woman locks up in herself, she is unable to find balance, starts losing weight rapidly, keeps crying all the time, can’t see a way out. Intimate gymnastics in such cases fundamentally change this situation for the better. She will see positive effect pretty soon. I give that woman a key that will let her change everything, not asking for titanic efforts that she is usually unable to make in her condition”.

The method of Tatyana Kozhevnikova is indeed very different from “How to Make Your Life Better” guidebooks thanks to its clear practical recommendations. It really is an author's method – Tatyana had also gone through, lived through all the stages of the difficulties that each woman faces sooner or later, everything from A to Z. Her overcoming of hardships resulted in the method that had helped Tatyana and that continues helping many women both in Russia and abroad up until this day.

How It Works

Here’s the classic Russian question “What to do?” The question that a woman asks herself when she realizes she’s in trouble. Literally speaking: what actions should I perform to get out of this stressful state? If I try to put it in “the male language”, Tatyana Kozhevnikova told me about the operating principle of intimate gymnastics:

“Motion is the key. I say, ‘Wake up in the morning, do press-ups, wash, and put on makeup.’ A woman should be in motion all day long. First of all, she should do exercises. To start with, we must put the physiological component right. Depression, neuroses, age affect our endocrine profile, constant anxiety drains our energy. We need to refill a woman with that energy to let her start moving in the first place. The gymnastics stabilize a woman’s endocrine profile, put thyroid gland function back to normal, create the balance of psycho-emotional and sexual state through intimate physical exercise. Endocrinologists also confirm these positive effects of intimate gymnastics. There are also other types of practices with no intimate sphere involved. The intimate sphere is what our training is based on, every woman can add any additional exercises that she thinks necessary to our training set. Besides, the quickest effect is achieved through working with intimate muscles. A woman acquires a sort of calmness, begins to come out of stress. We start talking, she hears me and understands what she should do next. It seems like she wakes up, starts noticing the way other people, including men, treat her. She often changes her life right at this stage. The woman sees that the men’s attitude to her has changed to positive, they’ve started to show their affection for her, say compliments, she starts feeling her beauty, realize that she’s unique, her self-esteem rises. She sees that men like her; her husband begins to pay more attention to his wife. The woman recollects how worried she was, how she thought that nobody needed her. She is needed indeed. She turns out to be a beautiful, interesting, sexy woman. The woman starts to build up relationship with her man in a more successful way or quite the opposite, breaks up old ties to look for a new partner, having stopped being dependent and suppressed, as in her past relationship”.

Of course, usual fitness training will be enough for representatives of the fair sex to feel a modest emotional uplift. However, this uplift won’t last long, and the initial enthusiasm usually evaporates as fast as it appears. As it turns out, the successful result is based on physiology, says Tatyana Kozhevnikova:

“The woman wakes up as a woman due to a powerful hormonal burst caused by the function of the ovaries. Men feel that, they start to notice her. Other women see this woman as their rival, she also sees that. A surge of energy brings self-confidence. Men begin to say compliments, pay attention to her because her ovaries emanate powerful vibes of attractiveness; the woman becomes the real woman, so to say. Adrenal glands also play an important role in a woman’s state. When they don’t function properly, the woman feels de-powered. She lacks energy to do something, our task is to get her out of this condition, fill her with energy; this is what I do during gymnastics sessions. The functioning of the genitourinary system is recovered through a complex of physical and breathing exercises. It is not simply a ‘strain-relax’ thing. No doubt, usual contraction of muscles gives some minimum effect but you won’t get maximum with that. I happened to gain rich practical experience in this sphere, and I know how to do that. A woman comes out of her state of stress, energy starts building up. She becomes active, her relationships with the people surrounding her and her husband get better, she starts realizing that life is beautiful. She starts doing something, going out, develop personally and comes to thinking that she is a unique woman, since there aren’t so many women out there who train their intimate muscles. Once she realizes it, she begins to ‘broadcast’ it to the others, her husband changes his attitude to her – becomes protective, he’s afraid of losing her. And if this doesn’t happen, the woman won’t regret the imperfect relationship – she is so much ‘powered’ with energy, sees attention of the men surrounding her, starts controlling the situation that she realizes she is able to change everything on her own, she is self-sufficient financially, creatively, physically, and sexually. This effect is only achieved through gymnastics – talks don’t fix your body and, of course, they won’t give you a hormonal burst. That is why these gymnastics are unique: certain physical exercises cause stabilization of hormones, normalization of adrenal gland function, recovery of life energy that was wasted on emotional stress, supply energy to the ovaries and the womb responsible for special female vibes and the attraction of something that we want into your life. There is a basic practice – physical exercises that I accompany with some other techniques depending of the peculiarities of each woman. If the case is very serious, I feel that in the flow of energy and information, prepare a separate course and give additional assignments. Such work is the key to problem solving, I feel the direction one should move towards and give it to women.


In the 21st century, when information has become open and connecting to the Internet is as easy as, say, switching on the light, you can read about positive effects of intimate gymnastics practically on any website for women. One can enumerate these positive effects on and on – from enhancing sexual pleasure to solving such a delicate problem as partial urine incontinence after childbirth. But there exist aspects that are not usually discussed “out loud”, not every woman will find courage to talk about them even with her best friend, let alone visiting specialists. The saddest thing here is that these problems are usually so serious that there are quite a small number of professionals able to help those women, despite years of regular practice. Only the woman can help herself in this situation by using her own resources that she received right from the cradle of our world, from the roots of her female nature – we can say that without exaggeration. Intimate gymnastics in these cases literally work wonders by harmonically developing the woman’s true nature, carefully yet persistently acting upon its components, starting with physiology and ending in energy. However, in order to walk this hard yet beautiful and important path of waking up the female strength, you need an experienced mentor that will help you activate the internal resources of your organism with maximum effect and realize your female potential without harming yourself due to lack of experience in this hidden-before sphere, avoiding pitfalls with ease.

Quite too often women that have gone through different sex-related traumas like rape, psychological childhood traumas, those susceptible to psychological “lockups” because of excessively “puritan” upbringing, which leaves a negative imprint in family life of an adult person, don’t have the slightest idea that such a method of solving the women’s problems as intimate gymnastics has been created right for them.

“I went through a rape in my teens,” says thirty-year-old Yevgenia. “After realizing what had happened, I visited a psychotherapist for five years but even after that my psychological feelings during sex left much to be desired, not speaking about physical sensations. When I first heard about intimate gymnastics, I thought ‘Why not try?’ I went to Tatyana Kozhevnikova because she is a world-renowned specialist today, the most experienced person in this sphere, author of the method, and I sure would like to get knowledge and experience firsthand. Before the training started, I used to let my aggression out, strain my vagina while in bed with my husband, therefore it was unpleasant and painful to have sex. After practicing Tatyana’s method I relax, I don’t feel pain, and, first of all, I don’t get aggressive during intimate contact”.

Rape is a sexual contact that happens against a woman’s will. Not only the woman’s consciousness remembers it even after a long time, but her body does too. One episode keeps affecting the woman’s sex life for many years ahead. Although the woman can feel appetence to men, quite strong at times, she often cannot relax during intimate contacts with her partner, and consequently is unable to have an orgasm, which not only leads to a lack of emotional “discharge”, but provokes a stronger stress due to the woman’s feeling of “being defective”, causes her to involuntary distance herself from her partner, and results in problems of building up a relationship with her man. Intimate gymnastics provide an opportunity to “work out” the existing problem not only with your head, but with your body as well. Only a thoroughly adjusted system can help women in this difficult situation.

However, rape is not the only trauma the consequences of which negatively affect sex life. The events that cause difficulties in the sexual sphere are often not that obvious, and it is hard for a woman to understand what she should work on, which way she should go. For example, she may not remember accidentally seeing her parents making love in her childhood. She may not pay enough attention to the fact that her mom was raising “chastity” in her daughter throughout her youth, referring to girls who actively tried to establish contacts with the opposite sex as “prostitutes”. All this eventually led to denying sex as a notion, to perceiving it as some “dirty” activity.

So it’s not a surprise that more and more women see intimate gymnastics as a tool for solving their problems both physical and psychological, a method of preventing gynecological diseases, a way of improving the quality of sex and enhancing sexual sensations, raising their own attractiveness and taking care about their partners. Women look for a woman, and they find her in themselves.