Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Conversation on taboo subject or education, which we did not have

- Oh, now our sexual relationship with my husband has become monotonous and boring! So many years together and emotions aren't what it used to be.

- Look, honey, I'll tell you a secret that we tried recently...

It is a normal dialogue now. Completely normal. Thank God, our generation can calmly discuss different points on a sexual topic: ask for advice , share information and experience between each other. But, unfortunately, for us this "freedom" has opened recently. Most of us still feel embarrassed to talk about the simplest things. Sure, many years the topic of sex was taboo! But now the most progressive women have learned to realize their sensuality, to pay attention to this area and take care of themselves. So, let us to extend boundaries a little bit, to accept our body with love, to relate harmony with nature and feminine sensuality.

How do we take care of ourselves?

Regular practice of different kinds of fitness became the norm for the modern woman. Everyone understands - that for healthy and beautiful body - it is necessary to train the muscles and keep them in a good shape. As a result, our health will be stronger and we will look better: we will like yourself and others.

It is surprising that most of us still do not know that for not having any problems with gynecology (or successfully solve them), as well as to be sexually attractive - you have to do gymnastics for intimate muscles. It makes you laugh? In vain! The principle at work here is the same as with any other muscle training. Let's look a little more.

Is medicine powerless?

Tatiana Kozhevnikova, maybe the only one for today world famous and a certified specialist in intimate gymnastics, explains: In my classes and workshops I hear sometimes from the girls that their surrounding persons do not understand such kind of trainings. People do not realize that intimate gymnastics - is really useful and necessary thing for every woman. Of course, this is not only women’s fault. The problem is that in our society such kind of theme is from the category of taboo.

Let us think on this subject:

Of course, the responsibility for information delivery should be based primarily on doctors - they should talk to their patients about such things. But we have doctors who do not know anything about it. In the institute they had only therapeutic physical training and just at the entry-level.

The maximum that they have heard is about Kegel ( Arnold Kegel - American gynecologist mid XX century, who developed the " Kegel exercises " aimed at training of intimate muscles ) and Kegel’s exercises - it's nothing in comparison with real intimate gymnastics. But, even if doctors recommend Kegel, they do not give any materials or education guidance.

And if they give some material, as a rule, this material is incompetent - we have already discussed it with many gynecologists. That’s why there are no significant results after doing "Kegel exercises". Similarly, there are no results from the remedial exercises. I took courses of therapeutic physical training by myself when I stadied to be an instructor. We had classes about different diseases, and, if we talk about the intimate sphere and prevention of intimate health, exercises were ridiculous. For example, you have to go around and clap hands up, and then lift your knees and clap hands over the knees.

Of course, it's all useless. By the way, doctors of remedial gymnastic agree with this, but they cannot, for example, implement my program because they have a specific program developed at the state level, from which they have no right to withdraw.

In the end, it is clear that Kegel method of training and remedial gymnastic have no results and gynecologists often advise not to suffer and just extirpate everything or make a plastic surgery. But what is plastic surgery? You will do it, but after some time the muscles will weaken again. And again you have to do the surgery. It is impossible to make surgery once and forever. Moreover, any operation – it is an anesthesia, is the physical and psychological trauma and the bad impact on health.

There is a way out - here!

Here I want to say that in fact women just do not see a way out. Usual exercises are useless and in the end you still have to go under the knife. And nobody on a professional level does not tell you, that you have an alternative way of solving this problem - intimate gymnastics. Now such a kind of conversations we can hear just only between women, for example, when one woman has tried my courses by herself and have recommended it to someone else. And then there comes a moment when you need to step over your personal complexes and admit that you really need it too.

In fact, recently was noticed one thing: absolutely everyone comes to an intimate gymnastics, even those who laugh, but only if the moment of truth. Well, for example, when a husband left a wife or woman cannot find a boyfriend for a long period of time, or started some troubles in sexual life. Then women start to look for something on this subject and find intimate gymnastics. But if we talk quite honestly, every woman has sexual problems. This is a normal process. And intimate gymnastics - is a way to relax and calm. Again feel yourself like a woman, which is beautiful, healthy and desirable. This is all everybody wants.

Unfortunately, in a country in which we grew up, there was no sex, that’s why any information related to the intimate zone automatically becomes something indecent. But, in fact, the muscle - it is a muscle, what's the difference where it is? "Vagina" - it's just the medical term, what's special about it? However, in our society, there arise some problems.

Now we need to instill to ourselves an understanding that everything is tied together: our health, our youth, our sex education, our well-groomed, and not only outside but also inside.

How to improve your own sexuality?

Hormones and energy

Let us remember that intimate gymnastics useful not only physically, but also on the energy level. Every person has energy - that's understandable. Now any doctor and therapist will tell you that the most powerful energy center in humans - is the adrenal glands because they secrete the hormone adrenaline. And the adrenal glands - is urogenital system, which is directly connected with the intimate sphere. In today's world we have a lot of nervous situations and we live in constant stress, so it is not surprising that our genitourinary system weakens. Consequently, the energy begins to fall gradually, and the woman has no so many powers as before.

The second important energy center - it ovaries, they produce the hormone estrogen. With age, after childbirth, cause of stress and so one endocrine profile falls. And when estrogen drops too, the woman begins to fade, she does not look like she used to and does not send out sexual energy.

And finally, the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the psycho-emotional state of a woman, which, of course, also affects on our health. Women are nervous by nature and often like to cheat their selves, and all this effort on the thyroid gland.

Now, of course, you can do with yourself anything: impose a ton of cosmetics, use botox, do braces. But this is only the outer camouflage. Women need to understand that all this kind of staff do not help to the ovaries. You can take hormones, but any doctor will tell you that it also has serious health consequences.

Intimate gymnastics directly affects on hormones, and this entire sphere as a whole. It is simply to explain: during exercises you train the muscles, improves blood circulation and glands begin to work actively. Any stagnant processes terminate, and in the vagina renewed strong selection that strengthens and restores the mucous hormones. At the level of psychology, when a woman begins to train intimate muscles, she calms down, her sensitivity increases, she feels that men like her and she realizes herself in sexual life. Naturally, it has a positive effect on the work of the thyroid gland.

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