Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Intimate gymnastics. Do you know what it is?

This is a new exclusive direction that represents a combination of many eastern and European schools: yoga, hatha-yoga, body building, fitness, tantra, eastern intimate schools. Intimate gymnastics is directed on strengthening the muscular system and increasing the sensuality of the intimate sphere. The gymnastics lets us strengthen the intimate muscles, prepare them for birth activity, prevent gynaecological disorders and have fast recovery period after childbirth.

Intimate gymnastics is very useful if a woman is sterile and if she prepares to become a mother. After taking the intimate gymnastics course you will gain self-confidence and your body will become more feminine and most importantly sensual.

If you love yourself, attempt to be healthy and want to be satisfied in sexual life, you should attend our training. Moreover the result will please both you and your partner because you will free yourself from most of your previous complexes. Any muscles need to be trained regularly, but still there is the only method of muscles maintenance in tone. It is load and training. As time goes by, muscles start to loose previous elasticity, and the force and mass of the muscular tissue decreases from the age of 20-25. Weak muscles of small pelvis can become a real problem for a woman that leads to such pathological states as prolapse of the uterus and vagina (metroptosis, colpoptosis), piles and decrease of sexual attraction and satisfaction. There can be problems with large intestine – frequent constipations can lead to gastrointestinal tract diseases. But when intimate muscles work well the metabolism process improves, circulation of the blood intensifies, hormonal exchange is stimulated, and woman’s menopause comes later and proceeds easier. In detail.

Intimate muscles development is directly connected with an increase of sexual satisfaction. During trainings vaginal muscles, muscles of belly, buttocks and hips are pulled up and your body is regaining its lost gracefulness again.

The desire for intimacy is so deep that it feels like it originates deep in our soul. The very essence of a woman needs and wants to touch and be touched and loved, to feel desired. However, you not do you meet lovers who are deeply connected at the intimate level but every man and woman desires it.
Train together. Joint trainings, paired meditation will contribute to your success in any sphere of life – be it sexual intimacy, finding spiritual unity or material well-being. My methods do not demand from you much time or exhausting trainings. You will succeed in pulling up the internal organs muscles, making muscles of pelvis, hips and buttocks elastic without any training apparatus and other devices but having only made up your mind to change for the better.

Thus, in my opinion the best preventive measure from problems and diseases of the intimate sphere is training of the intimate muscles. My system is unique because it trains internal and external muscles simultaneously.