Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Intimate gymnastics:
investments in happiness

Intimate gymnastics: working on that which is not common to be talked about.

There are things which are not common to be openly talked about. Of course, sex and sexual relationships are discussed openly and often in the modern society, there are still things which are not.

Sex on TV and in newspapers is perceived as something distant and abstract because it is simply a model of behavior, cold and emotionless; this is what happens to other people and has nothing to do with us. But the real sex and intimate life are rarely spoken about openly and sincerely. It is too personal. It has much to do with feelings. Moreover, we very seldom confess that we are having problems in relations with the opposite sex. It results in a paradox - by putting on a mask of a free and liberated woman, an image created by media, we slowly kill our true feminity. Sex is becoming our religion because we do not know what it is. The only thing that is left for us is believing that sexual satisfaction exists. And instead of going inside and face the problems and start to solve them, we talk, talk, talk … about the things which are irrelevant to us.

Hush… let’s whisper but only about what really concerns us. Let’s talk in a whisper about intimate gymnastics, a unique method which step by step reveals the magic of true feminity as if it is a beautiful flower.

Intimate gymnastics is a fairly new concept but it is deeply rooted in the wisdom of eastern and European schools of raj yoga, hatha yoga, tantra, taoism, geisha school, “new wave” psychology, bodybuilding and classic fitness. It is a mix of different methods developed at different time all over the world.

Real sexuality is not about brightly colored lips and a tempting smile. It is an internal feeling of one’s attractiveness and charm. It is a real joy when meeting a partner. It is an art of feeling his every movement and enjoying it. It is a full awareness and openness when communicating with a man. It is about using female energies and love for oneself. Find a woman in yourself and fell in love with her, and the world will love you! Intimate gymnastics is designed to help you with this.

There are many techniques and methods aimed at opening feminity but it is intimate gymnastics that works simultaneously on physical, energetic and subconscious level. Trinity of this method is the reason of its effectiveness. Yoga practitioners say that a real Master does not need asanas (physical training) and pranayamas (breathing techniques), but they state that a Master is on the level of consciousness where we have not arrived yet. The methods based on psychology ignore a very powerful tool which is our body. How can we talk about female health if the intimate muscles lost their elasticity and tone? The problems connected with sexuality can be recognized with a help of psychology but they can not be solved by using only psychological methods. And, vice versa, it is impossible to achieve an ideal body shape no matter how many hours you spend in the gym if there are psychological blocks. Intimate gymnastics help to build the body using the resources of the subconscious mind and correct the psychological state using the body. Eventually, the result is achieved much faster.

There are also methods based on energy work. The presence of a coach and the energy of the group will allow you to feel full with energy and open the energy centers. But the effect is short-lived. As it is not your own power but the one taken from outside. Intimate gymnastics uses techniques which open the internal power source.

Western scientists have proved that weak small pelvis muscles are the reason of uterine and vaginal descent, hemorrhoid, large intestine and gastrointestinal tract problems. On the contrary, well developed intimate muscles improve metabolic processes and blood circulation, stimulate hormonal metabolism, lighten the labor, postpone and mitigate the development of menopause. According to many eastern teachings the muscles we call intimate are the projection of the sexual center in our physical body. By strengthening them we open the sexual chakra and fill it with energy and fertility power. Eastern wisemen highly appreciate the importance of this center – it is the place where energy transforms and redistributes along the whole body. Some time later you will find out that you no longer have those delicate problems.

Intimate gymnastics: investments in happiness

Family climate and relationships with men depend on the degree of sensuality and sexuality of a woman, as do public and career success, material well-being and even health.

Woman’s sensuality and openness is one of the foundations which form the family basis. And it is a low sexual energy level that causes problems in family relations. Polls revealed that the majority of men a sexual wife is more important than a good housewife, because he feels more confident, an ideal lover and a real Man.

Psychologists have found a connection between sexuality and psychological stability of a person a long time ago. Freud used to say that sexuality is a basis of everything including success in society. It interesting to note, that the works of Freud and Jung are based on many eastern teachings. From the psychological point of view absence of blocks and complexes in sexual sphere is the recipe to a bright and fulfilling life which, in turn, raises the person’s self-esteem and his place in the society. Confident people climb the corporate ladder faster or develop their own business. Usually they are prosperous people. Speaking about the energetic side of this question it is known that the sexual energetic center located about 5 cm below the navel controls the distribution of energy about the body, material prosperity and the degree of vitality in such cultures as Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, shamanism and other. So, the more energy you have in this center, the more sensitive and sexual you become, the more vitality you have, you intentions are implemented faster – lucky circumstances are created, the right people are attracted, money flows become bigger.

But it is impossible to become sexual caring only about the appearance. The keys to this magical door are hidden deep in our subconscious mind. Intimate gymnastics is a unique method, using which you will be able to not only find these keys but also to use them correctly.

On a physical level intimate gymnastics train and strengthen intimate muscles. On the energetic level during the process there is an opening and filling of the sexual center. Working on intimate muscles develops sensuality; as a result of trainings many women begin to feel not only their body but also the energetic vibrations they radiate. A new world opens to them, the world full of miracles and opportunities…

Going in for intimate gymnastics is a profitable investment into one’s own health, beauty, attractiveness and…, perhaps, happiness. Because how else can you name that wonderful state of being when the world goes round for you and your wishes miraculously come true? When men are nice and caring? When you are surrounded by abundance and prosperity and there is harmony and love in relations?

During trainings you will learn to:

  • Feel your feminine essence, become desired and attractive for men
  • Heal the wounds of solitude in your soul, misunderstanding of your beloved.
  • Make your body tight and get the shapes you have been dreaming of
  • Learn to explore each other
  • Become sensual, manage your intimate muscles giving pleasure to yourself and to your partner
  • Add an element of sex to your buttocks and hips
  • Learn to be free, easy-going and flexible in relations
  • Correct your weight