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Orgasm: A Beautiful Fairytale
or Everyday Reality?

Do We Really Need an Orgasm?

Feeling your partner physically, emotionally, and spiritually, the ability to fill him with a full range of your feelings, surrender to love completely and giving true pleasure to each other – isn’t all this the greatest happiness of sex? A happy relationship is impossible without quality sex. But this pleasure can often be marred by a woman’s inability to have an orgasm. A man who is upset with his failure to give ‘a true blast of emotions’ to the woman he loves and ‘take’ her to the logical culmination of sex, starts questioning his abilities. And the woman is saddened by the thoughts of her coldness and dissatisfaction with sex. As a result, making love only distances the partners from each other.

Unfortunately, even with the modern level of sex culture development many of us still believe that the absence of orgasm is normal, and don’t consult specialists, as we don’t understand the importance of this problem.

A girl’s inability to have an orgasm may negatively affect not only her personal relationships, but her emotional and physical health as well. Everyone dreams of enjoying sexual intercourse. But if a woman does not get orgasmic relaxation, this may lead to increased irritability, frequent emotional breakdowns, bad mood. Consequently, health problems and gynecological diseases come. Then why, despite all the efforts of the man, the variety of sex positions and techniques, sweet caresses and long foreplay, the girl still cannot reach an orgasm? In this case it is more likely that the woman has certain sex problems. And it’s necessary to figure out who is to blame and what to do. The reasons of not having an orgasm can be different – there are psychological causes as well as causes related to physiology of the female organism. Let’s look at a few of them.

In some cases, physiological disorders in the female organism do affect a woman’s ability to get pleasure from sex. When the sex organs of a woman function normally, she usually has no problems having an orgasm. However, gynecological or sexually transmitted diseases may ruin the satisfaction from sex activities, since inflammatory processes often cause unpleasant sensations during sex. A woman should definitely have a medical checkup under such circumstances. Sexual dysfunction can be also caused by stress. A very fast-paced life, constant problems at work or at home, and a woman feels deprived of energy and the desire to have sex – she is unable to relax and, consequently, get pleasure, let alone an orgasm. In this case a woman should have more rest, take sedative medications for some time, and the problem may go away over time.

A sexologist can help you with the problem of not having an orgasm in certain situations. It’s rather common that sex receptors in the female organism have low sensitivity thus not allowing a girl to get a full range of pleasant sensations during sex. It is also worth noting that insufficient sexual arousal can cause a girl to feel pain during sex, which does not contribute to achieving an orgasm. Therefore, it is very important to spend enough time on kissing and caressing. But if a man thinks that he is doing his best, and his woman is still unable to have an orgasm, don’t hesitate to consult a specialist.

Finally, there is also the psychological factor of relationships. The majority of problems that get in a way of having an orgasm come from psychology. Women, unlike men, seek spiritual unity rather than physical pleasure in sex. It's quite a natural thing that certain emotional stress greatly affects a woman’s readiness for sex and orgasm. If a girl went through unpleasant experience, is afraid to get pregnant, does not feel strong sexual attraction to her partner, doubts her own attractiveness, went through strict upbringing that does not allow her to relax completely – all this has negative effects on her sex life. The girl will be able to relax only if she feels comfortable and safe next to her man. Sometimes an orgasm comes as she gets used to her partner and starts trusting him more and more. However, a woman will often have to work on herself in order to get rid of the complexes regarding her appearance or puritan upbringing. And in certain cases she may need help from a psychologist.

Intimate Gymnastics Give You the Joy of Healthy Relationships

Generally speaking, we could have a vivid, long, and interesting discussion about the female orgasm. However, it is much better to learn how to experience it rather than speak about it. Glossy magazines and the many articles in the Internet teach us how to do that. But the majority of recommendations are rather general, they cannot really help you solve the problem. Let us make you happy, there exists a time-tested method that allows approaching this issue in a comprehensive way and provides real help. That is the technique developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who has been practicing intimate gymnastics, solving the problems of women’s health and developing sensuality in women for as long as 25 years.

Tatyana has been conducting training sessions all over the world for more than 15 years. According to her own experience, women who come to her classes have various motivation. But they have one problem in common – grown-up women as well as young girls at the age of 18 and older cannot have an orgasm, and the saddest thing here is that some of them have never felt it. Each woman has her own reasons for that. Some encountered problems with having an orgasm in their forties, as they were approaching menopause. Some lost their ability to have an orgasm after going through severe stress in life. Others encountered problems with achieving an orgasm after childbirth. Some women need help of a psychologist after sex traumas they had experienced in various periods of their life. Others are prescribed hormonal therapy in order to have their menstrual cycle recovered. As it turns out, women keep consulting various specialists and still get no results.

Finally, they come to Tatyana Kozhevnikova, go through ‘magical’ training sessions that last 2-3 days, 4 hours each… And real transformation begins. A woman flourishes, her libido increases, she wants to have sex and, most importantly, rich orgasms come back.

Let’s elaborate on why the exercise complex developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

yields such amazing results

within such a short period of time:

1. The exercises offered by Tatyana Kozhevnikova tense up the intimate muscles, namely the vaginal walls and the uterine cervix. The exercise complex includes sacral muscular movements done using a special training accessory of a correct anatomical shape. These exercises enhance the sensitivity of the vagina. The uniqueness of Tatyana’s method lies in the fact that a lot of attention is paid to the third, weakest region of the vagina. Doing the exercises makes the uterus strong, the muscles get tensed, therefore a woman starts experiencing vaginal and uterine orgasms.

2. Women often complain of dryness in the vagina, which causes discomfort during sex, as they start feeling pain especially in case of longtime sexual intercourse. Therefore, many women are then plagued with psychological fear, irritability, they lose desire for sex. The exercises recover normal functioning of the ovaries. Consequently, the quality of the mucous membrane of the vagina increases, it becomes moist enough, which will no doubt have a positive effect on sex: you will stop feeling pain, your sex will become longer. Another strong point of Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s method is that the exercises of the complex allow for coordinated recovery of your intimate muscles, your psychological barriers are removed, stress, negative emotions, grievances against men go away. You recover your emotional state and start emanating true womanliness, calmness, sexuality. Your man will become caring, loving, tender during sex, generous.

3. Much attention in Tatyana’s method is paid to the functioning of the adrenal glands, which protect our energy from stress. A woman with a low amount of this energy constantly suffers from fatigue, feels weak and joyless, her immunity weakens, she begins to have health problems. Practicing the exercises will help you boost sexual energy of the adrenal glands and make you feel excited about life and sex.

‘All the time I see what a tremendous force is hidden in the intimate sphere of a woman. This force can make you happy. However, very few women understand all of this force, its depth and this kind female magic ‘, says Tatyana.

Unfortunately, many women don’t even think about that, supposing that the exercises only allow them to train their intimate muscles and that they don’t need this technique. It’s a pity when a woman’s relationship with her husband gets rough, the richness of emotions goes away, sex becomes rarer than it used to be in her youth, her husband starts cheating on her, and a woman tries to find the reason practically everywhere. But she does not even understand that the reason for the rift between her and her husband lies in her intimate life.

The method by Tatyana Kozhevnikova aimed at the intimate sphere of relationships changes your life in all possible directions. We often look for different ways to help ourselves without even thinking that it is the intimate sphere that lets us change our consciousness, bring confidence, retrieve your female energy. You start practicing intimate gymnastics, feel the joy of sex again, your endocrine profile becomes normal, the feeling of youth comes back.

Sadly, our culture is still too far from letting us teach girls how to take care of their genitals starting from the very childhood and consequently women fail to accept their sexuality, they perceive sex as something very distant and not always necessary. If you treat something that is the most sacred in a woman – your genitals – in such a careless way, how will you be loved? Remember, my dear women: all men need healthy and pleasant sex at any age, this is what’s important for them. If a man is not considered the best male, if he does not get complete physical and emotional relief, he becomes grumpy, distances himself from you, and that youthful and sincere love you used to have vanishes. There is a perfect way to prevent this from happening – the intimate gymnastics by Tatyana Kozhevnikova. The gymnastics will bring you back to your true self – to that young, beautiful, sexy, and beloved woman conceived by nature. Use this tool to build your happiness.

Harmony in sex is an important step to establish a close, trust-based, long-term relationship. So take this step in the right direction.