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Pelvic prolapsed

Everything has its place. This saying fits best when we speak about human organism. Every organ of our organism must remain in its certain place to ensure its proper functioning and our good health for many years to come.

This is especially important for the reproductive system of women. However, every second woman after the age of 40, and sometimes even after her first pregnancy, suffers from the so-called pelvic prolapse, which is the lowering of the organs — the vagina and the womb — in the small pelvis. Strange as it may seem, speaking about that is uncommon. Therefore, the only thing gynecologists can do is diagnose the prolapse, when the situation has already gone too far and surgery has become the only way to help their patients. But forewarned is forearmed!

However, one interesting method can come to our assistance, the technique developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova - the pioneer of intimate gymnastics in Russia and the world included in the Guinness Book of Records as the only woman in the world who has held a weight of 14 kilograms with her intimate muscles. Tatyana has been creating and practicing the training programs "Intimate Gymnastics" and "Women's Charm" for over 25 years. She is also a physical therapy instructor and her health and recreational programs are patented in various countries: in Russia, America, Europe.

Let's go deeper into the reasons of pelvic prolapse and see how the technique offered by Tatyana Kozhevnikova will help you prevent this diagnosis.

All the internals of our organism, including the sex organs, are suspended in their normal positions by the muscles. When you are young, and the lower part of your body does not suffer from load, the internal organs remain in their positions with no effort. The exception is provided by women with excessive body weight and those into strength sports that involve powerlifting.

The vagina and the womb change their location after pregnancy and childbirth due to the weight of fetus. They are quickly brought back to the correct position during the recovery period, and the womb goes back into place within the first two weeks after childbirth. But what happens if the muscles are weak? They do not fully recover and start getting weaker and weaker. Add to this the fact that young moms often have to lift heavy weights (buckets of water, hand-wash basins), and you will get a pretty "sad picture". A gynecologist can often diagnose prolapse of the front or rear walls of the womb, vaginal prolapse as soon as one month after childbirth. But this is only the first warning for women, because if the process goes on and you take no measures, the womb prolapse will inevitably come sooner or later.

However, if a woman practices Tatyana Kozhevnikova's intimate gymnastics before childbirth and during pregnancy, womb prolapse after childbirth will be prevented. A woman will also quickly recover her hormonal system, and afterbirth stress will go away. Another important thing is that the vaginal muscles will not be overstretched, and you will be able to have an orgasm regardless of your age and childbirth.

Sadly, women who are diagnosed with pelvic prolapse are getting younger and younger today. What symptoms should you pay attention to? If you feel discomfort in the perineum, the feeling of a foreign body in the vagina, active mucoid discharge, stinging, labored defecation, uneasiness during sex — all this can indicate prolapse. The doctor will recommend to you Kegel gymnastics for intimate muscles or, if your condition is more serious, say you need surgery. But should you wait for such trouble to happen? It's much better to start exercising your intimate muscles using Tatyana Kozhevnikova's method.

It's enough to start training 2-3 times a week with each exercise session about 15-30 minutes long. Practice intimate gymnastics, and you will recover in only 3 months of regular exercise. The 1st degree prolapse goes away in 1 month of practice, the 2nd and 3rd degree prolapse will be eliminated in 3 to 6 months of exercise.

The uniqueness of this method relies on the following:

1. using vaginal training accessories of certain shapes. They allow for lifting up your vaginal muscles and ligaments quickly;

2. thoroughly selected exercises aimed at enhancing the strength and elasticity of ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor;

3. all the exercises are done in the correct initial position, while standing on knees (genucubital position). Doing the exercises while lying on back is ineffective in this case;

4. the exercises are done using a light weight (the weight can be 30 to 50 or 100 grams). Don't be afraid of using weights, since any thoroughly selected load on muscles will quickly lift up the ligaments that fix the womb. The womb and the vaginal walls will not recover without the weights. Many women practice Kegel exercises with no effect, because their muscles don't get any load.

The effectiveness of Tatyana Kozhevnikova's method lies in the fact that the weight and the set of exercises are properly selected, the technique of doing the exercises is thoroughly thought out. There exist certain modes or movements, tempos of doing the exercises, the correct body position. The exercise complex includes muscle strength, elasticity, endurance training, which consequently lifts up the vaginal ligaments and muscles and brings the womb back to its correct anatomical position.

Tatyana also suggests that women massage their vagina using a special training accessory. It's good for the health of all women, especially those suffering from prolapse, since the massage tenses up the intimate muscles and improves the condition of the mucous membrane in the vagina. The massage can only be done if there are no severe inflammatory processes, but the gymnastics can be practiced in any case.

The womb is not only an organ of reproduction, it maintains the entire pelvic anatomy and the functioning of all the pelvic organs: the bladder, the rectum, and all reproductive organs. Prolapse can also occur due to traumatic and long childbirth, systemic displacement of connective tissue, insufficient amount of estrogen (the decrease in the general or local level of the female sex hormones), chronic diseases accompanied by the rise of abdominal pressure (bronchitis, asthma, constipation etc.), pelvic blood and lymph microcirculation disorders.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova's intimate muscle training makes the muscles work and function properly, enriches the tissues with oxygen, improves intestinal motility, eliminates congestion.

Tatyana's meditation techniques aimed at relieving psychoemotional and physical tension will allow you to avoid stress and boost positive thinking. Practicing these techniques 2-3 times a week, for 15 minutes before going to bed or during the day, will let you feel an inflow of energy and stay in a good mood.

Women with prolapse often suffer from incontinence. We'd like to make you happy: you will forget about it no later than after 1 month of doing Tatyana Kozhevnikova's exercises. Woman of any age is able to put an end to this problem. As a bonus to practicing intimate gymnastics, you will also have sleek hips and butt, you will look young, prevent the onset of an early menopause, improve the quality of your vaginal mucous membrane, you will forget about dryness, having sex will give you pleasure rather than pain. The exercises stimulate the functioning of the ovaries, the adrenal glands, and the entire endocrine system. Tatyana Kozhevnikova is the author of the method that has no equivalents. Practicing it does not require financial investments and a lot of time. Simply don't be lazy and you will solve your health problems on your own.

It is extremely important for a woman to keep her pelvic organs tensed up throughout her entire life. Remember that only a healthy, sexy woman full of life energy is always loved, self-confident, and happy in her personal life.