Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

What Is Sexuality?

A woman’s beautiful clothes, her hairstyle, her smile; the way she moves, speaks, sits beautifully… all these are no doubt the components of her sexuality. But let’s take a deeper look. Sexual energy is given to each person since their birth. That is why we are able to multiply and expand it, we should also maintain it from a certain moment in our life.

First of all, sexuality starts with shaping the culture of our genitals. We must accept our body, its every part and, of course, the intimate sphere of our life.

Girls learn to take care of themselves and their genitals in their youth, they learn to respect and appreciate themselves as women, choose the right sex partner without looking for second best. It’s their parents’ task for this period to tell their young daughters about the culture of personal care, hormonal changes, menstruation, anatomical peculiarities of women. There’s probably no need of telling a girl everything in detail. The girl should only understand that sexuality is a part of her life and she doesn’t have to be ashamed of that.

Unfortunately, our parents have never spoken to us about sexual relationships: how we should build such relationships, retain our dignity, take care of our genitals. I’m not talking about the need of washing ourselves, I mean subtler things. No one has ever told us about sex culture. Almost every woman is embarrassed when we start speaking about our intimate life, our genitals. Women don’t want to talk about it out loud. Therefore, even such a simple action as inserting a small ball inside a woman’s vagina makes her panic, ‘Why would I put it in there? What will my husband say?’ But what is so special about that? We actually put tampons in there and irrigate our vagina vagina time to time accepting all this as normal.

So our parents don’t explain anything to us, and the media provide distorted information about the perception of sex. Women can, of course, express their sexuality through beautiful clothes, radiant makeup, flirtation with men. However, when a woman cannot accept her genitals, feel love for them, she is also unable to accept her nature completely. You need to love the intimate parts of your body, as well as the rest of it.

How to Reveal Your Sexuality?

I could simply say, ‘Practice intimate gymnastics – that helps!’. But many women aren’t ready to start attending the training sessions. There are different practices: you may talk to a psychologist or sign up for some courses. Tantra, for example, gives you basic knowledge, but it doesn’t reveal your sexuality completely and provides no breakthrough.

If we speak about the methods practiced by Tatyana Kozhevnikova, she worked out a special system that combines the best practices of East and West. The East is a well-balanced fusion of intimate fitness, yoga, Eastern schools, including the elements of tantric love techniques. The West combines modern dance, womb-building techniques, Kegel exercise system.

‘I invite people to theoretical workshops; first of all, I try talk to a woman, tell her about the peculiarities of my course in terms of physiology and medicine. The women are motivated by the information about sex mastership, which is interesting to all of them: how a woman can seduce a man. Plus, I try to be interesting to women. Not as a coach but as a kind of mom. I talk to them in a way that makes them feel relaxed, recollect their true desires and think what they are embarrassed and worried about. I try to ‘pull out’ their inner complexes in a very subtle way in order to avoid hurting them or the others. And many women really make the right decision and come to my courses’.

‘And I’m deeply convinced’, Tatyana continues, ‘that when a woman starts practicing intimate gymnastics – firstly, its good for her health and secondly, it makes her feel confident as a woman. She understands that she has a kind of superiority over other women in some way. That’s invisible superiority but it does exist on a psychological level.

In addition to that, when a woman starts practicing intimate gymnastics, she, quite naturally, starts accepting the intimate part of herself. Her relationships with men begin to change slowly. She may still be too shy to do certain things, as before, but then she eventually becomes more open in sex, she is able to present herself in a different way, plus, her sensitivity increases. This also gives her confidence because many women don’t have an orgasm at all, have sex in very primitive ways, in banal positions.

There is also another very important aspect here: when a woman begins to develop her sexuality, she is always eager to have sex, she gets excited quickly, and it gives her drive and a lot of pleasure. When a man sees that, he is, of course, glad that the woman is finally ready to have sex with him, and he does it with pleasure. The thing is that a woman’s desire fades away very quickly, it stops being as strong as it was at the very beginning of her relationships with a man. But we need a woman to always be a perfect lover for her man – intimate gymnastics are what lets us achieve that! Allow yourself to open up and be happy in any way you like: alone or together with your man – as you wish! Well-developed sexuality, sensuality, self-confidence is what every woman deserves. And every woman is able to achieve that’.