Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Health. Youth. Beauty.

Any muscles need constant training, but the only way of maintaining muscle tone known so far has been muscle loading and training. Eventually muscles lose elasticity and muscle mass and strength. Weak pelvic floor muscles have become a real problem and it leads to such pathological conditions as uterus and vagina prolapse, hemorrhoids, decrease of sexual desire and satisfaction. There appear problems with functioning of the large intestine; frequent constipation can lead to chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

But when intimate muscles work actively the metabolism improves, blood circulation increases, the climacteric arrives later and in a “milder form". The development of intimate muscles is directly connected with an increase of sexual satisfaction. During trainings the vaginal muscles are tightened that allows to reduce the volume of vagina (for women), urogenital and pelvic diaphragm, belly, buttocks and hips muscles, and as a result the body again returns its lost harmony and plasticity.

It’s no secret that many women struggle with excessive weight. And, as a rule, the majority of attempts are in vain. This is due to the fact that in general problems with weight are connected with hormonal exchange disorders. Doing intimate gymnastics will normalize hormones and weight! After trainings you will be surprised how soon you will start to lose weight!

As to the gynecologic sphere the gymnastics strengthens intimate muscles, prepares women for labor and delivery and to become a mother and also to recover quickly after childbirth.

Intimate gymnastics helps to avoid gynecological pathologies such as:

  • menstrual disorders;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • uterus and ovarium inflammatory deseases;
  • adhesive processes;
  • retroversion of uterus;
  • pelvic organs prolapse;
  • enuresis.

The method helps men to:

  • improve potency;
  • control the duration of the sexual intercourse;
  • relax from stress and constant fatigue.

Thus the training of intimate muscles is the best preventive maintenance of problems and diseases of sexual sphere. The technique developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova is unique in that it trains simultaneously internal and external muscles.

You can adjust your weight and have seductive body shapes! After the course you will become more attractive!

Speaking about sexual sphere, you can reach extravaganza orgasms being able to operate intimate muscles! Just imagine the pleasures you will deliver to the partner by your fantastic looks and tightened intimate muscles! And how much sexual energy will you get?!

All this will help you stay self-confident and young for many years!

Your muscles will be in tone, and in fact, it is well-known that active muscles are the basis of perfect health! For this reason the given program is rather popular and in great demand as it has no analogues! And the results speak for themselves!