Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

FAQ From Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Question: How do you understand - “sexual potential of a woman”? Can it be developed?

Answer: Orgasm is some meeting of the infinity with the end. It is some aspiration for realization of one’s sexual desires which you didn’t manage to realized according to different reasons. It can be some constraint, some fear to be not understood or look too bad. Or a man near you is not who you need, who corresponds to you in physical and spiritual relations. Children, work, constant fatigue. This is not a complete list of reasons. As for the development of your sexual potential be simply attentive to yourself, your body, study your erotic zones, allowing some sexual games in your bed, do some intimate gymnastics, developing some sensitivity.

Question: What hinted you to develop such unique method as the intimate gymnastics? Were there any private reasons?

Answer: Sure, there were. After childbirth my intimate muscles became very weak and generally I didn’t feel what I wanted to during sex but I knew that it was possible. Once the book “ Perfection of female sexual energy” fell into my hands and I started to study. Firstly I didn’t manage to keep even 100 grams with my intimate muscles but gradually the muscles became stronger, I became more sensitive, more harmonious in sex, became to understand better and deeper male sexual desires.

Question: Do you think that with a help of your exercises a woman becomes more sensitive to satisfy her intimate desires and desires of her sexual partner?

Answer: Sure, you will become more sensitive and study to manage with every muscle, every separate part of your vagina. Sensual women are always more uninhibited, they deep empathize with a man, they arouse a man skillfully, lead him according to their feelings. It is great!

Question: How do you manage to keep and lift 14 kilo with your intimate muscles?


The process of keeping the weight is easy: a girl inserts a wooden ball with a passed ribbon through.

Just this ribbon fixes the weight.

The weight is kept with intimate muscles and ligaments.

But I don’t advice you to repeat my result which was got after years of trainings. For health and sexual life it is enough to be in tone and you will be always beloved.

Question: Is physical load always useful for intimate muscles, hips and buttocks and necessary for female health?

Answer: Hips, buttocks, intimate muscles and lower part of a belly are always weak points. It is very difficult to feel them and much less to strengthen them without special training. My method is unique, it secures the quick result. All these muscles are very important for health , they keep all internal genitals organs especially womb, ligaments.

Question: Do you think orgasm is necessary to get true sexual satisfaction?

Answer: Sure. It was invented not by me that a woman is really and completely happy when she is satisfied in sex. Every woman and every man wants to feel orgasm.

Question: What do men think of sex with such kind of woman?

Answer: One man told me that he had had sex with a woman who studied according to my method. He dreamt of meeting with her again.

Question: Are there any contraindications for study of intimate gymnastics?

Answer: Yes, there are. It is inflammation process, post-operative period, tumors. In the other cases one can study intimate gymnastics in any age from 18 and to…Please do not forget to consult with your gynaecologist.