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International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova


How to become Training Organizer

“The International School” of Tatyana Kozhevnikova welcomes you!

Let this serve as an introduction to the unique methods developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova “Intimate muscles. Secrets of control” and also the practical programs “Ideal buttocks for 5 days” and “Intimate Gymnastics. Charm of Women”.

During the last 20 years Tatyana has developed and perfected a program on the physical recovery of the organism and building a beautiful body for woman aged 16-65.

For many years Tatyana has studied the culture of sacral techniques and developing the sexuality of women. She has improved her own body and increased personal energy.

We offer you the opportunity to join us as a trainer allowing you to provide trainings following the methods developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova as detailed in her publications “Intimate Gymnastics. Charm of Woman”, “Intimate Gymnastics. Charm of Man”, “Ideal buttocks for 5 days”, “Yin and yang” (for couples) and also the possibility of cooperation in conducting training seminars, workshops, master classes for amateurs and professionals.

After your graduation you will get the certificate which will give you the right to organize trainings following the methods created and developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova all over Russia and CIS.

Programs are focused on the skills how to feel and control your body, as well as on working with psycho-sexual energy for the harmonious development of the women's physical and spiritual levels. Training includes a set of exercises which helps to train the hips, buttocks, abdominals and back muscles and muscles of a small pelvis. The uniqueness of the methods developed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova help to improve the health and quality of life (including intimate sphere).

Terms of organizing and conducting training sessions are negotiated and agreed upon with the organizer individually.

To provide trainings you should be able to meet the following requirements:

The amount of participants is from 12 to 50 people. (the cost of the participation in training depends on the training program, the cost of training for instructors depends on the program)

– Dress code: casual, comfortable

– Wooden egg, which you may buy from instructor right before training (you may also bring your personal vaginal balls off-center of gravity or jade egg).

– Special training equipment will be brought by the instructor (weight in form of glass balls)

For the workshop you need:

– Hall with cloakroom: warm floor covering, the area on the basis of 2-2.5 square meters per capita

– To practice sports need a mat or towel

– Technical Assistance: CD / DVD-player

You may become an organizer of the training regardless of whether you have had an early experience in this field. You only need desire, responsibility, organizational skills and the ability to recruit enough people to form a group of participants.

More detail information : tel. +7 913 945 67 97