Intimate Gymnastycs

International School by Tatyana Kozhevnikova

About the author

About Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Tatyana Kozhevnikova is a master coach in group and individual programs in fitness aerobics and a remedial gymnastics trainer.

She became popular as the author and developer of a special fitness program “Beautiful body building”. For many years Tatyana worked as a personal trainer in a gym. She has a certificate № 1056701 in individual and group fitness in the category “Power step-fitness-aerobics” (Moscow).

Tatyana has been developing and conducting female intimate muscles training – “Intimate gymnastics. Beautiful body lines” for more than 25 years. She teaches her method both in groups and individually. Tatyana tests all her methods herself and she has achieved great results – she has been recognized to be THE ONLY woman who can lift 14 kg with her intimate muscles. (Guinness Record 2003 № 58300381, record type – holding 14 kg with intimate muscles).

Tatyana graduated Physical training university. Tatyana is a master coach of PPL (Professional Psychotherapeutic League) and conducts psychotherapeutic trainings for men, women, teenagers and children.

A copyrighted therapeutic program with elements of shaping to train intimate muscles is deposited to the Russian Society of Authors (RSA) and is granted a copyright certificate № 6908 dated 03.12.2003. The training method with special equipment is protected with a patent RF № 50114, dated April 27 2005.


Certificate 2744 The registration of a creative product - an item of intellectual property, an audiovisual work (a guidance manual) called "Intimate Gymnastics" created in 20022-2009 by Tatyana Kozhevnikova.

Certificate 2835. The registration of an item of intellectual property (an educational, guidance manual) called "Remedial, therapeutic program for gastrointestinal tract "Perfect abs? It's easy" created on 5th of April, 2010 by Tatyana Kozhevnikova.

How it all began...

From the early childhood Tatyana dreamed of having a beautiful trained body but with feminine forms. She read articles in sports magazines about rhythmic gymnastics and admired beautiful girls and young women for their attractive body forms. It was then when she understood that it was necessary to go in for sports. She went in for skating for 10 years and reached quite good sports results. Tatyana left the professional sport at the age of 18. Some time later she had a child and sport became of secondary importance.

15 years ago doctors diagnosed Tatyana with a terrible disease: sarcoidosis (enlarged lung lymph nodes). Having received the II group of physical inability at the age of 25 Tatyana realized that nobody would help her but herself. She had a little son and that fact made her move on and overcome the illness. When she looked in the mirror there was a horrible reflection looking back at her! Buttocks had drooped, hips had lost elasticity and there was flabbiness in the muscles.

Having consulted the experts she began to practice starvation dieting. Tatyana starved for 9 days. The medical system included clearing and restoring massage and also gym exercises.

She trained day by day indefatigably but did not achieve significant results. Tatyana added fitness-aerobics to the training process. And here she realized that it was necessary not only to train but to build the body step by step.

Tatyana began to study the advanced techniques, tried to practice them herself but all in vain as the goal was not reached.

Eventually she came to a conclusion that it was necessary to develop something brand new. «Anatomy and human physiology» became her reference book. With a help of this book Tatyana started to shape the muscles: strengthened and tightened each part of the body, learned to competently keep the angle and put weight on each trained muscle.

Very soon the desired effect was achieved: her buttocks and hips began to tighten but not the way Tatyana dreamed about. Besides, not every woman would wish to work with a load or "iron". And here the book of Taoist spouses Jia got Tatyana’s attention. She began actively engaged in strengthening of the intimate muscles which were considerably weakened after the delivery.

In some years there came the understanding of importance of a complex external and internal muscles training. Tatyana developed a unique technique by means of which your hips and buttocks, perineum muscles and vagina are tightened during a very short period of time and without big physical load. She made physical exercises easier having combined fitness-complex and intimate gymnastics.

Now even unsportsmanlike women could improve not only the figure but also their health!

After that success Tatyana decided that such gymnastics is useful not only for her alone but for many women of the same age and even younger who were dissatisfied with their intimate life, not to mention the fact that physical illnesses of the gynecologic nature created problems for them and their partners.

The essence of the developed programs is that it is necessary to feel every bit of each muscle and professionally work on it, not to be lazy quitting the halfway but to methodically shape up the body!

A brief chronology of the works created by Tatyana:

2002 г – a video course - "Intimate-gymnastics" was released. The ultimate goal of trainings is to reveal female sensuality, learn to operate intimate muscles to increase their strength, endurance, elasticity, and also to build the skills of controlling the orgasms of a woman and her partner and reduce the vaginal volume. It is easy, quick and simple to create beautiful forms. The woman possessing developed intimate muscles and tightened buttocks looks 10-15 years younger her age.

The book «Intimate-gymnastics. Health program» was published in 2006. At the heart of the book is the authoring including exercises that promote strengthening of the abdominals, intimate muscles, and development of the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms strength as well as stimulating the bowel function. The program is aimed at development and perfection of womanly forms of the body and sexual energy of a woman; it helps to keep self-confident and receive pleasure when communicating with the partner and also preserve youth and charm for many years. Rich language and beautiful illustrations of the book immediately attracted attention of not only experts but also a wide audience of readers, first of all, certainly, women. Though, men still ignore it.

The book «Ideal buttocks in 5 days» was released in 2008. The training complex will help you to make your hips and buttocks the object of admiration and desire of men and fierce envy of the representatives of the weaker sex who still are not familiar with the secrets of the given method. The method is protected with the patent of the Russian Federation and the copyright certificates # 13746 dated May, 21st 2008 and # 6908 dated December 03 2003.

In 2009 a disk «Intimate gymnastics» was launched. The unique technique is directed on strengthening and pulling up the abdominals, hips, buttocks, vaginal muscles and joints, pelvic and urogenital diaphragms development, stimulation of the bowel function, improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic organs. A set of exercises will secure women of different age youth and charm for many years.

Tatyana organizes and conducts seminars and master-classes on intimate gymnastics and perfect female body shaping. She has prepared more than 100 instructors in Russia and the CIS and stays in touch with them and shares new techniques. The technique «Intimate gymnastics» is implemented in all cities of Russia and abroad.