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Sex skills. Lesson I

In Erotic Museum
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Trainings represent an accelerated course to learn the method. The main exercises and the method are taught during the training.

Trainings are conducted on average during 3 days, 4-5 hours a day.

Tatyana conducts the following trainings:

Intimate gymnastics. Female charm (for women) Intimate gymnastics. Male charm (for men) Yin Yang (pair work) Training for shorts or ideal buttocks in 5 days

For women: you will have to buy special equipment for the trainings (a wooden egg, or a jade egg with a ribbon which holds the weight). You should cover the egg with a condom, better if it is meant for ultrasound investigation.

If you use an ordinary condom, then you will have to remove oil from it with a wet napkin. After that put on a fingerstall and insert the egg into the vagina as if it is a tampon.

Uniform: comfortable sportswear with a little hole in the perineum area (for women).

The cost of trainings:

For professionals using the patented method of Tatyana Kozhevnikova:

Duration: foundation course 18 hours

  • 3-day training for women
    Cost: contact for further info
    Duration: 12 hours (3 days, 4-5 hours)

  • 3-day training for men (individually or in VIP-group of 2-3 people)
    Cost: contact for further info

  • Pair training (3 days)
    Cost: contact for further info
    Duration: 12-15 hours

Individual consultation:

Group trainings «Intim-fitness»

Duration: 8 lessons
Individual lessons (depending on the program).

Organizers of trainings in USA:

in New York:
Stephanie Korkor,

The best instructors:

Qadriyyah Abdullah
Berkeley, Ca USA
1+(510) 847-4964