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Yoga – training «Shining of womanliness»

Gymnastics Training Center

Introductory training for the main program «Intimate gymnastics»

Today I present you the new program – it is directed for the development of woman’s sensitivity, womanliness, yoga exercises, formation of beautiful forms of a woman’s body, and of course for keeping a woman’s health. The training includes physical and energetic exercises and also meditation practics.

The program is aimed at strengthening and elasticity of ligamentous apparatus of muscles and pelvic, normal work of endocrine system, balance woman’s hormone state. Hormones of the thyroid gland participate in the regulation of metabolic process and psycho-emotional woman’s state. The hormone adrenaline has a special function in this process, this hormone is produced by adrenals.

Gymnastics Training Center

Active work of the hormones contributes the burst of vital and creative energy which is so much necessary for a modern woman. Ovary –female genital, is responsible for a hormone- estrogen. This hormone is responsible for juvenility, moisture in female genitals, it radiates fluids of woman’ attraction and sex appeal. By way of physical, energetic and meditative exercises my method will help you to reveal your true womanliness.

The program includes some elements of yoga, intimate gymnastics and physical exercises to form and strengthen different parts of a body without help of some trainers. The uniqueness of the program is that for a short period of time you can solve such kind of problems as cellulite and overweight. The system of exercises will help a woman to increase her sensitivity, balance her psycho-emotional and hormone state thereby correcting her weight to look perfectly.

Would you like to nourish your femininity and understand energetic practices? The program is targeted to help you stay strong and supple, ease you through each stage of life and build your physical, mental and emotional resilience.

At the Gymnastic Training Center, the training I offer includes theoretical knowledge, physical exercises, energetic practices, pair tasks and medications. Only the best suited exercise routines are selected for you. With these classes, you’ll learn to be more embodied while enjoying the nourishment of practicing with other women. The participants engage in pair breathing and relaxation practices and once they’ve learned them correctly, they are filled with powerful energy and physical impact. They’re trained to concentrate, guide their energy in the right direction, develop their energetic centers and experience more effective interaction with other person. These physical and energetic exercises, exercise yoga and meditation practices are safe and appropriate for women of all fitness levels. And, regardless of your age, they’ll yield positive results.

The womanly approach is designed specifically for you to access vital treasures of your body. Immerse yourself in these practices to achieve the feminine health and truly appreciate your gorgeous womanly self!

Organizers of trainings in USA:

in New York:
Stephanie Korkor,

The best instructors:

Qadriyyah Abdullah
Berkeley, Ca USA
1+(510) 847-4964