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Yin Yang

The desire for intimacy is very deep; it can be felt as if it is born first in our soul. The very core of a human demands and wishes to touch a partner and feel a loving touch, feel oneself loved and needed. Though, it is rare when you meet lovers with such deep intimate connection, but every man and woman always strives for such connection.

A man and a woman are two fundamental powers, two extremes which complement each other; and only in interaction they can create harmony. Every person has both male and female energies; a man has female energy, a woman possesses a male one. A successful individual has to know when it is necessary to “switch on” a tender female energy and when it is time for an aggressive male energy.

The author’s course designed by Tatyana Kozhevnikova Yin Yang has been created in order to connect a man and a woman into a whole, as well as teach each of them individually to control their energy.

You will learn to feel the partner at a higher level. With a help of pair meditations and physical exercises you will create a really harmonious couple connected both physically and spiritually.

After the course you will complete each other and become one; you will learn to feel the mood and desires of the partner, his/her emotional, sexual and physical state.

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