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Sex skills. Lesson I

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Feminine plastique. The sliding path

“Feminine plastique” is a new and unique approach to training of intimate muscles.

This is an unusual training! It is called “sliding path”. Thanks to this program a woman can get more elastic intimate muscles, muscles of the crotch, body muscles, especially muscles of the lumbosacral, -groin and -thighs.

Trainings and regular classes can help you:

- Prepare the body for childbirth;
- Restore the health of reproductive organs;
- Get relief and fit thighs, remove stress and pain in the lumbar;
- Intimate muscles will become more elastic and plastic due to sliding of the body, stretching and contraction the muscles of vagina and its entrance;
- Your energy will be changed. It can be compared with the softness and malleability of honey.

You will get maximum results for a short period of trainings!

And your man will feel at the moment he is inside of you during sex that he wishes to stay with you and live there.

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Organizers of trainings in USA:

in New York:
Stephanie Korkor,

The best instructors:

Qadriyyah Abdullah
Berkeley, Ca USA
1+(510) 847-4964