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Sex skills. Lesson I

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All programs are designed in fitness format and are based on:

  • visualization (beautiful body shapes, attraction of wishes);
  • somatic concentration;
  • dynamic and static meditations to tighten and strengthen internal and external body muscles;
  • maximum load aiming at reducing the body size and tightening the muscles;
  • management of one’s one vital and sexual energy;
  • training of hips, buttocks , press together with intimate muscles;
  • relaxation (auto-training, meditation, breathing chakra techniques).

Tatyana explains very clearly and plainly the biomechanics of exercises and teaches to control one’s own energy through physical activity. She will also share with you some “secrets” of healthy eating and intimate hygiene which you will not find anywhere else!


- Acute inflammatory process
- High temperature

In the presence of the described contraindications, before visiting training classes and before the beginning of training sessions you should consult your treating physician.

The concentration is always on the intimate muscles and this helps to feel the body (muscles), especially hips, buttocks and lower press. You do not feel tired while training and unlock your spiritual and creative powers, will power; you start to see and feel clearly your desires and wishes. Copyrighted programs will help you to push you limits, realize your attractive individuality having beautiful shapes, healthy body and sexual attractiveness.

Organizers of trainings in USA:

in New York:
Stephanie Korkor,

The best instructors:

Qadriyyah Abdullah
Berkeley, Ca USA
1+(510) 847-4964